Fire Up Our Company With A Great Spirit

by Patrick Liew on June 16, 2011

February 8, 2010

We brought My HSR leaders on a tour of the southern part of Malaysia as a part of our Annual Team Leaders Retreat. We had lots of fun going to exotic places, visiting an organic farm, feasting on a free-flow serving of durians, and enjoying other interesting programmes.

During the trip, I make it a point to talk to each and every leader. As a servant-leader, I must listen whenever possible to every member of My HSR family. I like to learn from everybody, be a friend, and look at ways to serve all of you.

I hold to the belief, ‘There are no strangers in this world, only friends we have not met.’ Every person wants to have more friends. We want to work as a team, be united, and help each other go far in life. We want to love and be loved.

That’s why, our HSR founders decided that My HSR will go beyond being a business or an organization. We will build a warm, dynamic and caring (WDC) family.

During the trip, we played many games to help us strengthen our warm, dynamic and caring family spirit. I believe if you ask anybody who was present at the trip, they will tell you we felt the WDC spirit. We are a happier and stronger team because of it.

It is my heart’s desire that My HSR WDC spirit will continue to grow in our company. In fact, I hope we will spread it to our families, our industry and to our communities. Common sense tells me, it can only make our world a better home.

Will you continue to be a warm, dynamic and caring person? Can you help me set our company ablaze with your WDC spirit?


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