Failing Wisely To Success

by Patrick Liew on June 18, 2011

I was born in a poor family.

When I was growing up, seven of us were living in a very small room. The room was so small even the mice were hunch-backed.

I had to sleep many nights under my grandmother’s bed. That’s why my face is a little flat.

I don’t remember having any toys. Most of my clothing was hand-me-downs. When my brother gave me his school uniform, I had to wear another pair of shorts underneath as he is bigger in size than me.

I have to be mindful when I needed to cough that I did not do it too strongly.

My shorts may drop.

My family and I literally live from hand to mouth.

Am I unhappy?


I thank our Creator for the hard life because it trained me to be more resilient and persistent in life. When I look back upon every problem in my life, it was there for a purpose and it improved my life.

Of course, I can complain about problems. I can use them to lay blame, justify or give excuses for all my failures and shortcomings. I can also become negative about life.

On the other hand, I can choose to see problems not as problems but as opportunities for success.

I cannot change the challenges. However, I can change my responses to them by finding meaning and benefits in these experiences.

I may not be able to change the situation. I can certainly rise about them and look for the good in them. I can take massive actions to live a better life.

I believe the journey to success is strewn with failures and rejections. I need to learn how to overcome them to be successful.

I can leverage on problems to become a stronger and wiser person.

I believe that had I not encountered failures, I would never have truly succeeded in anything. The only permanent failure happened if I failed to try and push myself to a higher level of success.

I made failures my servants and not my masters. Failures are but feedback to help me learn, change, improve and grow.

Failures are mere road bumps in the expressway of life. They serve to correct me and help me live in a wiser way.

When I faced each failure in the past, I made a commitment to never run away. I took the proverbial bull by its horns. And I believe I emerged a better person.

I want to learn how to fail successfully so as to achieve more enduring success in my life.

In short, I can successfully fail my way to success.


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