Key To Immense Wealth And Success – Part 1.

by Patrick Liew on February 10, 2014

The strangest things have happened to me.

Let me share one of them with you.

In my personal file, I have two interesting letters. One of them is a letter of offer for a job.

The other letter is a letter of rejection for the SAME job.

Long before receiving the letters, I had decided to pursue my career in the infocomm technology (ICT) industry.

However, I did not have the right qualification and neither did I have the appropriate experience and competence.

I applied for every available job and was rejected for every one of them.

I did not even get a chance to go for a job interview.

When I found out that one of the top ICT companies was planning to hire a new salesperson through a head-hunting firm, I wrote to the firm.

Deep in my heart, I knew I would be rejected again.

I was not the most suitable candidate. And there were much better candidates out there in the market.

Meanwhile, I muster the courage to call the Director of the ICT company.

It was not the required response in the advertisement and neither was it the normal thing to do.

I convinced the Director on the phone that it would be worth his time to meet me.

It would make a difference to the future of his company.

I ‘sold’ him as if my life depended on it.

Till today, it remains a mystery if he was convinced by my well-prepared script or by my passion.

In any case, he finally granted me an appointment.

When that fateful day came, I was all prepared for the job interview.

It was very clear in my mind what the objective of the meeting was – I must get the job.

I knew how I intended to achieve it – at all costs.

I was going for broke. There would be absolutely no turning back for me.

I researched about the company and came prepared with an action plan.

At the core of the plan is me – the corporate Rambo who would go out to the field with a ‘Take no prisoner’ mentality.

I would charge through the most terrifying terrains and blaze a trail of glory.

After the preparation for the job interview, I was dying to hear myself.

I was so impressed with my focus and dedication. Haha!

During the interview, I presented a strategic plan on how I can improve the company’s bottom line.

For every question that was raised, I had a well-rehearsed response.

There was an assurance for every concern.

At one point when I thought I had lost the battle, I looked at the German Director squarely in the eyes.

I told him, “I will prove my worth and value to your company.

To convince you that I will deliver results, I will put my wallet where my mouth is.

“You don’t have to pay me a basic salary.

“I will work for you FREE OF CHARGE!

“Just pay me a sales commission or on a profit-sharing scheme.

“In other words, I will work for you on a success basis only.”

There was no question in my mind I would offer so much values that the Director would be more than happy to pay me handsomely.

I would become a prized asset to the company.

Still, getting the job was not an easy task and in fact, it was an uphill climb.

I met the Director again and again to prove myself and convince him.

The Director finally agreed. He created a new job just for me – a junior salesperson’s position.

I suspected he did it mainly because of sympathy rather than conviction.

Now you know why I have a pitiful look. Lol!

And so it happened that on the same week, I received two letters.

One of them had an employment contract from the company.

The other letter was from the head-hunting firm to inform me that the job had been filled.

I was quite sure the head-hunter did not realize the job was filled by me.

That was the beginning of a long and arduous journey to live up to my pitch and proposal.

I had to deliver results because results is the only true measurement of life.

To cut a long story short, I was promoted shortly to become the commercial sales manager. Subsequently, I became a member of the management committee.

I became one of the youngest person in the industry to hold a regional sales and marketing position. I then became the regional CEO and shareholder of a multinational company.

At that point, my boss used to say I was one of the highest paid in the market.

Through this part of my journey, I learned that most people are sprinters – but life is a marathon.

If you are focused on moving in the right direction and if you keep pressing on wisely, you can win any major race.

To open the door to success, you need to unlock it with an important key.

It’s one of the most important keys in your life. A key that can open the door to immense wealth and success.

To be continued…

(We will take a commercial break at this juncture. Look out for a great formula for success. Coming to your screen soon).

Question: What lessons can you draw from my job-hunting experience?


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