Lantern Festival or the Spring Lantern Festival

by Patrick Liew on July 23, 2018

Lantern Festival or the Spring Lantern Festival

Today is the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar.

It is also celebrated as the Lantern Festival or the Spring Lantern Festival and it is the final event of the lunar new year celebration or the Spring Festival (春節|春节).

There is much folklore about various practices during the Lantern Festival.

For example, the children would carry lanterns and walk around the neighborhood.

One of the explanations for this custom is that man-made lanterns are used to signify and celebrate the diminishing darkness of winter.

Lanterns are used as a symbol for letting go of the past and starting life anew.

The lanterns were traditionally in red to represent prayers and wishes for good fortune.

The Lantern Festival is also celebrated somewhat like the Valentine Day.

In the days of old, young people were chaperoned by matchmakers in different places in hopes of pairing couples.

All of us have a past that we can never change. We can decide to sink or soar as a result of it.

Unfortunately, many people are trapped in the past.

They relive their hurts and carry emotional baggage from what should have been left behind them.

Unfortunately, if they are not at peace with the past, they will never be at peace with the present.

If they cannot accept and appreciate the past, they cannot soar and succeed in the future.

Contempt of the past will eventually condemn the future.

As you reflect on the challenges of the past, you will realize that they were not random dots in your life.

They happened for a reason.

There are meaning and significance to every experience even though you might not realize it at that point in time.

When you understand how these unique experiences can be enjoined into an amazing purpose and blessing, the past can become a working tool for your future.

It becomes a launching pad to help you make full use of your life and to live life at its best.

You cannot change the past. However, you can choose to learn from and build on it.

You may not be able to forget a negative experience but you can forget the negative emotions associated with it.

The more you remove the pains from the past, the more you will increase the gains in the future.

When you choose to turn every negative experience into a positive experience, it becomes another awesome memory.

The sooner you come to term with the past, the larger will be your treasure cove of beautiful memories.

Do not only accept your past, be contented with it. Do not only come to terms with it, be grateful and thankful for it.

Fall in love with the unique blessing of your past so as to love the present and to create a brighter future.

When that happens, there will be a greater sense of serenity and pride and joy in your life.

The past acts like a signpost to direct your path to the future.

It can be a powerful resource to help you find true meaning and fulfillment and help you rise to your highest calling.

It does not have to be a pitfall, it can be a powerful platform to propel yourself to a brighter future.

How you make use of the past will influence your direction in life and its ultimate destination.

As you do so, continue to capitalize on the “here and now” so as to further expand on the treasure cove of your memory.

From this day forth, pray for the best future. Look forward to the future with hope, passion, and optimism.

When you do so, it will inspire you to live on a higher plane in life.



I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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