Live Like Water

by Patrick Liew on September 25, 2014

Observe the fundamental element of life
As it flows across the yearning land.
Able, agile, adaptable,
How unstoppable it is!
Everything it touches is changed
By its potent dynamism.
Live like water –
Move mountains, change vistas,
Be a cleansing, purifying power,
Be a sustaining, satisfying force.​

Watch the fluid treasure of our land,
See its different states and shapes
As it quenches many thirsts.
It can be still, it can flow;
It can be cold, it can be hot;
It can ascend, it can descend.
Live like water –
Touch the least, the last, the lost.
Value-add to human endeavor.
Build the life you want to live.

Accept the invitation to become
– In this era of uncertainties –
A positive influence to society,
A vital resource to the country.
Be still and seek life’s wisdom,
Inspire others and bless them.
Live like water –
Meek and powerful, gentle and strong.
Beneath your hand, make sand from stone.
Flow on, my friend, be a life-giver.
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