An Ode to the Fish

by Patrick Liew on September 25, 2014

Not just a delicious dish
But a symbol of resilience
To the Chinese, a symbol of good tidings
of freedom and good fortune.
To the Christians, a symbol of a Higher calling
Of being Fishers of men
Preaching the Gospel
Saving souls
And making it back
To the Father of all.
The fish, too, symbolizes abundance and faith
Were it not that a multitude
Thirst and hungered
Were satisfied and fed
With two loaves and fishes?
The Master, the One True Source
Of all our supplies and possibilities
Proved through the fish
That faith and work can meet our needs
Beyond our imagination.
To the Norse and Europeans
The fish stands
For single-mindedness
Persistence and resilience
Just like the Salmon
Undeterred and resourceful
Swims upstream
Goes against the flow
To find a new place for spawning
Strong-willed and daring
To the fish awaits a new beginning
A promising new cycle of life.
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