Living Moments 51 – Deep Love

by Patrick Liew on December 10, 2012

I like to share with you a very touching story – a real-life love story.

Ah Seng (not his real name) is a garung guni man and he sold mainly cardboards for a living. To some people, he was a nuisance because he would carry them into his HDB flat or leave it along the corridor.

I wished they knew the true story of his life.

In his spare time, Ah Seng could be seen pushing his wife in a wheelchair. If you happened to meet them, it would not be difficult to feel their affection for one another.

What many people did not know was that his wife had to go to the National Kidney Foundation regularly. Her kidneys were not functioning properly and she had to be on dialysis.

Ah Seng toilled under the hot sun to eke out a living for each other and to pay for medical fees. Sometimes, he wnould be seen working in the evening.

His plight has caught the attention of his MP and grassroots leaders. They have tried again and again to help him live a normal life.

Each time, Ah Seng would reject their kind offer. He insisted on working and did not want any sympathy or assistance – whether it was from the government, a charity organisation, or an individual.

All that the community leaders could do was to make it easier for him to run his business. Now and then, they helped him find cardboards and then, they would stay out of the way so that he could do his job and earn his keep.

What touched me most was Ah Seng’s love for his wife.

I have seen him knelt besides her and conversed so gently with her and it was a moving experience. When they fed  each other, my heart just melted.

They are some of the unsung heroes living in our midst.
Question: How many lessons can we learn from this real-life story?

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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