Living Moments 52 – The Past As A Working Tool For Life

by Patrick Liew on December 12, 2012

One evening, I spent time listening to a young man sharing with me the struggles that he was going through. He was telling me about the fears and failures that were somewhat moulding and shaping his identity and decisions in life.

Strangely enough, I felt he was recounting the challenges in my past. The experiences may not be the same, but the emotional anguish were not entirely dissimilar.

I felt a moment of truth as I shared how I confronted these challenges and the good as well as the less-than-desired that came out of them. I ended the evening praying it would shed some light to help him progress on the journey of life.

On reflection, I relearned that all of us have a past that we can never change. We can decide to sink or soar as a result of it.

If we are not at peace with the past, we will never be at peace with the present. Contempt of the past will eventually condemn our future.

Past experiences happened for a reason, purpose and significance. When we join these dots in a meaningful way, we can become more grateful and thankful for them.

The past can be a working tool to help us find true meaning and fulfillment and help us rise to our highest calling. It does not have to be a pitfall, it can be a powerful platform to propel us to an awesome future.

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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