'Love Cheng Family' Is About More Than The Cheng Family

by Patrick Liew on June 4, 2012

‘Love Cheng Family’ is a project (http://lovechengfamily.wordpress.com/ ) initiated by Andrew Chow, my good friend. It is supported by many friends with outlets on a nationwide basis.

The purpose is to encourage fellow humans to pen their words of inspiration for the Cheng family in a well wishes book. This is a family that was left behind… after the tragic death of Mr Cheng Teck Hock in a traffic accident recently.

At the same time, donors can write a crossed cheque to ‘Lim Bee Choo’, the wife of the late Mr Cheng. This is to help the family go through a difficult and an uncertain future.

This project aims to show love, compassion and kindness to the Cheng family. It is an initiative to raise awareness of the heart of our nation, the soul of our community.

Finally, it is about you and me.

It is not just about our hope that others will help us if we go through the same plight. It is not even just about doing our rightful duties as a part of the human race, created to love and to do good.

It’s about how we feel about other fellow humans, humans who have the same blood coasting through their being. They are a part of us in this beautiful nation.

Should we not stretch out our hands to help them? Can we leave them behind as we move on in our lives?

It is also about whether we still feel for people. It is about whether we have lost our soul in the process of making a living and living life.

The greatest heart sickness is not to have a heart for people. When we no longer feel for the lost, the last, and the least – we have abandoned the essence of life.

Feel your heart right now and on every single day of your life. Get in touch with your soul.

When you and I live out our lives from the core of our being, we differentiate ourselves from the other species in the animal kingdom. We live life.

This is life.



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