Living With A Grateful Heart

by Patrick Liew on June 7, 2012

A heart of gratitude can lift up your spirit and fill your heart with hope and optimism. It  inspires you to pursue a worthy cause and and live on a higher plane of life.

In the past week, I felt like all the reasons for my gratefulness have manifested and converged together. Within 7 days, I have experienced and in fact, am in awe of why I should always be thankful and appreciative of life.

1. Beauty – It’s all around and within me.

When I seek the beauty in life,  I became sensitive to the wonders around me. I began to capture and saturate myself in the magic and majesty of life.

Case in point, I was  looking out of a hotel window. It was  a panoramic view of the yet-to-be-completed new CBD at the Marina Bay.

What a view! The planning and work done for the past two decades have made it one of the most beautiful business districts in the world.

Another evening, I had the chance to lead two foreigners on a short walk around the Esplanade and at the water edge. The ambience, heightened by  beautiful music and street performances took my senses to a whole new level.

During the walk, I explained to my friends the government’s plan to turn Singapore from a Garden City into a City Within A Garden. I got really excited about the possibilities to come.

Suddenly, the trees look more attractive and the moon and the stars and the entire sky were smiling at me.

I am grateful.

2. Blessings – It’s  all there for the counting.

This week, I counted my blessings, from time past till now. The more I searched my mind, the easier it became to be mindful about them – and to experience other blessings right around and in front of me.

For example, while going on a short trip via a low-cost carrier to Kuala Lumpur, I was so thankful for the opportunity to travel. I was even more thankful for the chances that I had to travel to so many parts of the world.

I also had the honour and privilege to stand on a platform and share a message of love with a total of more than 6000 people in Malaysia and Singapore. In addition, I was sharing the stage with prominent speakers such as Robert Kiyosaki, Jeff and Kane, Rick Belluzzo, and Eve Michaels, amongst others.

To cap a weeklong’s worth of blessings, I was interviewed by Robert Kiyosaki on a radio talk-show. The programme will be broadcasted all over the USA and possibly, to the world.

In the hour-long discussion, I had the opportunity to share about philosophy, economics, politics, and my favourite topic, giving back to society. In particular, I was happy that I could  promote our beloved Singapore and many of our world-class achievements.

Who would imagine that this kampung boy, a street kid who was never the most outstanding student would  one day be accorded such an honour. What a humbling experience and one to be thankful for throughout my life.

I am grateful.

3. Boon or Bane – It depends on me.

Just in case you are thinking that I must have been  on a positive adrenalin rush or running an emotional high, I was actually down with a flu. At various points, it almost seem like I was coughing my lungs out.

I have learned long ago that whatever happened in my life might not be the best. However, I could make the best of whatever happened.

I might not be able to change the situation. However, I could change my response to it. I could rise about the situation and determine its purpose, meaning and significance to my life.

In the same way, I might not be able to change my past. However, I have a choice not to allow the past to shape or condemn my future. I was free to decide what I wanted to do with the life ahead of me.

I could not change past experience  but I could always draw valuable lessons from it to build a brighter future.

That’s why I chose not to see the flu as a pitfall but as a feedback to change my lifestyle. I saw it as a platform to re-examine my diet.

As a result, I realized I was actually allergic to a food supplement. It was causing a negative reaction in my stomach and I was consuming it unknowingly.

I believe I have lost some weight as a result of eating more healthily. I feel much better after the bout of illness.

I am grateful.

4. Benefactors – It has been arranged for me to be guarded by ‘angels’.

Throughout my life, our Creator has sent many ‘angels’ to help lead and guide me. They always appeared at the right time and if I was ready, they would walk right beside and before me.

Yesterday, I was happy to receive a note from Albert Lee.

Albert came into my life when I was a young adult and struggling to come to grips with my identity and mission in life.

He was there for me – every week and for a few years, mentoring, coaching and guiding me. When I found my footing, he virtually disappeared so that I could continue my journey to learn from other masters and experiences.

Throughout the week, I was able to learn from world class gurus who spoke at the National Achievers Congress 2012. In addition, many ordinary persons on the street crossed my path at different points in time and left me with nuggets of wisdom and encouragement.

I am grateful.

5. Being Still – It is the channel for a lifetime of gratitude and thanksgiving.

When I still my heart, my mind, and my being, I allow our Creator to shower His blessings upon me, totally and without distraction.

When I’m still, I heighten my senses to savour the moment and the beauty around me.

The magical rays of a morning sun,  soft caressing of an evening breeze, sensational aroma of a double-boiled chicken soup, mesmerizing symphony created by nature…these and other wonders around me made me realized I’m wealthy beyond measure. I’m blessed beyond imagination.

I am grateful.

I joined the Psalmist to praise our Creator because of who He is and what He has done for me.

Think about it – there is an infinite abundance of wealth ..incomprehensible vastness of space, time, matter and energy… indescribable extent of possibilities…immeasurable width and depth of positive emotions…

Our Creator has placed the cognizance of infinity within our mind and our grasp. Wow!

I am definitely grateful.
I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


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