May The “Fish” Be With You

by Patrick Liew on August 25, 2014

The fish holds a special place in our life. It’s not just food but also a symbol for desired values and aspirations.

To the Chinese, it represents deep meaning and significance. Phonetically, it sounds like another word, abundance (ä½™).

As a race that has undergone thousands of years of “the sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy” (甜酸苦辣) dimensions of life, we long for prosperity and abundance.

That’s why there is a Chinese saying, “如鱼得水.” Loosely translated, it describes our hope to be like that of a fish that has found its place and fulfilment in water.

In other words, we desire to be happy and have good fortune and freedom in our work and other areas of our life.

The fish is also a symbol of fertility and productivity. This is so probably because of its ability to spawn fast and in volume.

It speaks of a key aspiration of all humans, including entrepreneurs.

We want to live without having to worry about meeting our needs and wants. We also want to achieve more and better results.

The fish is therefore a popular theme of artists in paintings, sculptures, and other works of art.

There is a demand for such artifacts in many homes and offices.

Interestingly, many Christians have also adopted the fish to represent our beliefs and values.

We have a passionate drive to be “fishers of men.”

It is a high calling to engage and influence humanity so as to help them return to our Creator and in doing so, to do good and live well.

The fish is also a symbol that speaks to Christians about faith and abundance.

The Bible records a story about how our Creator multiplied fishes and loaves to the amazement of the masses. That was a stroke of divine brilliance.

It  affirms that He who is the Source of possibilities can bless humans and meet their needs beyond their wildest imagination.

In another incident, He challenged a group of fishermen to let down their net for what would become a major spiritual catch of a lifetime.

In essence, it was a lifelong lesson that one has to step out and exercise faith to find eternal fulfilment and success.

In ancient Norse and European culture, the fish represents single mindedness, persistence, and resilience.

Their people must have probably been impressed with the ability, determination, and adaptability of the fish to survive in the wild. In particular, the salmon is known to even swim upstream and against the current to reach the spawning ground.

In many other cultures, the fish is also a symbol for life, knowledge, wisdom, creativity, inspiration, and transformation.

All these values and aspirations have inspired my friends and I to do something that has never been done before.

We have commissioned Brad Blaze, a renown entertainer cum artist in Australia to craft a painting. It will depict the meaning and significance of the fish.

The painting will be auctioned together with two other Brad Blaze paintings.

The total proceeds will be donated to Reach Community Services Society to help finance the opening of two new Charity Centres. Please send me a private message if you are interested to support our good cause.

In conclusion, may the profound meanings, values, and significance that the fish represents be a part of your life forever.


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