Money Not Enough?

by Patrick Liew on October 19, 2016

In the process of mentoring, coaching and training many people over the years, one of the biggest excuses I have heard is;

“Patrick, I have no money or little money, how can I start and grow a business or an investment?”

When it’s appropriate to shake the other party from his comfort zone, I may reply;

“Can you see money pouring down from heaven and money all over the streets for your picking? A few do but many don’t.”

The greatest poverty is not a poverty of money but a poverty of dreams, discipline, confidence, grit, resilience and other actions.

Throughout the history of personal wealth-creation, a lot of people have become rich through business and investment.

Many did not become rich because they were rich in the first place. They did not inherit any wealth from their parents, loved ones, from a lucking strike.

They learn how to look for and capitalise on wealth-creation opportunities through a variety of entrepreneurial, investment planning and remodeling, fund-raising, deal restructuring, and other initiatives.

In short, they learn to exchange ideas for money and creativity for wealth.

They make sacrifices to cultivate and strengthen their financial intelligence and leverage on it to achieve financial results.

They take massive action to achieve financial freedom.

Unfortunately, there are many sceptics, critics and naysayers that do not believe or are willing to take action to capitalise on a wealth-creation mindset, disciplined behaviour and lifestyle, and a well-cultivated network to propel their financial growth and achievement.

Many choose to live and work within their comfort zones throughout their lives.

Sadly, they may not realize that many have become rich in part because of them.

Those who know will eventually make money from those who don’t know or don’t want to know.

Those who learn will eventually make money from those who don’t learn or don’t want to learn.

Those who act will eventually make money from those who don’t act or don’t want to act.

I trust these words will inspire you to challenge conventional mindsets in order to achieve radical financial breakthroughs and results.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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