New Age Love

by Patrick Liew on April 22, 2014

A voice within
Beckons me to do
What a brother would do to another

Face to face
With the morass of poverty
In which they live
My brothers who
To no fault of their own
Live in unspeakable lack

Feeding on what little scraps they could find
Clinging onto pitiable opportunity that comes by

I wonder
Is it by geographical accident
Or by accident of birth
That some people live in better parts of the world
While others meet life with pain and travail?

Life is not fair
This much you know
But don’t stop there
Life is beautiful!

The scales are always sitting on a fragile balance

Some have
Some don’t
Some feast
Some fast
Some grow
Some groan
Some take flight
Some fight

Every colour, every hue
Represents me and you
We are forces that help each other
Stay and keep on somehow

Amidst life’s imbalance
We pull here and there
With service and love to offer.

Governments, education,
Charities, civic groups alone
Cannot do all
Without help from YOU.

It’s the New Age Love
A love above one’s own
It grows with a conscious effort
To help someone breathe better
A day at a time.

It’s not a one-shot deal
Instead a character that builds
A mantle of charity that never fails
One that we carry always.

You think you cannot help
Until you have met all your needs yet
Fool, you do not know.

“Needs” will never go
You may never come to a point
When you say
My cup is full
Time to find another to fill

Instead act now
Help now
Do it now

While you fill your cup
Fill another
While you eat your bread

It’s a better way to live
You will always find someone in need

Growing together now
Instead of you growing first
Taking strides together now
Instead of you finishing the race first.

It’s a new revolution
A New Age Love
Answer the voice from within.
Expand your horizons, serve with love

And you will see
What a richer experience life is
Life is not fair
It’s beautiful.

Until poverty is no more
Until our Creator says “It is done.”
Until suffering ends

And all is equal
When He comes again
To succour His faithful ones
And he will say to you
“Well done.”

A New Age Love
It’s clamouring for you
Don’t turn away.
Help. Build. Stay.

Love a brother
Save a generation forever.
Until your children’s children’s children

Can say,
The earth is ripe
There is abundant for all.

Live a good life
Leave life better.
That’s what love is.
A New Age Love.

– Patrick Liew and an anonymous poet


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