by Patrick Liew on April 28, 2014

Greatness in embryo
Not another being
Comes equal
Not another soul
Takes your place
This space and time
This very place
To you is given.
To move about and be free
To spread your wings and soar high
To lift yourself up, and then help another
To bask in the vast, azure sky
No circumstance confines you
Your choices define you
Whether life’s buffetings come
You have the power to overcome
Stay on course
Work for a positive outcome
Life upon you endows
Limitless opportunities
Boundless possibilities
Within you lies the power
To cultivate a fertile ground
On which to plant and nurture your dreams
You have all it takes
To make your life better
For yourself and others
There is no end to what you can achieve
There is no end to who you can become
But first you must do this:
Love yourself to the uttermost.
The best in life can happen
And it all begins
With loving you.

– Patrick Liew and an anonymous poet


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