Reinventing Yourself For A Great Life

by Patrick Liew on June 16, 2011

January 1, 2010

As we begin a new year, I would like to strongly encourage you to take time to reflect about your life.

I did that for myself. I took time off to drive my family, including my wonderful mother on a short tour of Malaysia. It was a good time to rest, bond with my family, and re-create myself.

During the trip and around the same time, I read My HSR Annual Business Reports, My HSR Go4It Newsletters, My HSR eLove Letters and caught up on a few real estate books. I spent time praying, being grateful, thinking, planning and making commitments for my life and for My HSR.

2009 has been a challenging year for me. Whatever the ‘sweet, stress, sorrow and spicy,’ they are lessons designed by our Creator to make me a better person. I want to be stronger, wiser, more loving and more effective because of them.

Looking forward, I am more excited about 2010 than I have ever been for any year in my life. I desire to reinvent My HSR and myself so that it will be the most successful, meaningful, fulfilling and memorable year of my real estate journey.

I pray and trust that you will also dedicate yourself to reinventing yourself for a great life. In My HSR, we have designed My HSR Personal Plan, My HSR Team Building Plan and My HSR Business Model to help you make quantum leaps of improvements.

Please email to if you want the above tools.

I love you and want to serve you to achieve lifelong success. Please teach me and help me to be a better servant-leader.


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