Riot @ Race Course Road.

by Patrick Liew on December 9, 2013

1. The police is taking control of the situation.

Please let them do their job without any distraction or interference.

2. We can be assured that the perpetuators will be brought to court.

Justice will be meted.

This is the Singapore Way and I am proud of it.

Please note that this is an isolated incident. Most of our foreign workers are law-abiding workers and have no intention to cause mischief.

Employers of these workers should explain t to them. Please ensure that they maintain law and order and that there are no negative reactions.

2. If anything that we say or do is not a solution, it may become a problem.

Please do not add any more problem to what the police are already handling.

3. Please stay cool, calm, and collected.

Emotion has a way of clouding our rational mind.

It may cause us to do things that we may regret subsequently.

4. Continue to live life normally.

We should not allow negative incidents to affect us negatively.

5. Please do not pass negative comments, including jokes about foreigners, race, or religion.

They may be funny to you but highly insensitive and provocative to others.

Choices have consequences. Beware!

6. Please check the truth of all information before you circulate them.

Sometimes, you may unwittingly become the accomplice of lies, half-truths, and misinformation.

7.. Be grateful that we have an effective Home Team. Let’s be thankful and appreciative of their good work.

8. This incident should remind us to continue to be united, vigilant, and proactive in removing potential challenges.

9. We can do our part to protect, defend, and strengthen Singapore.

I know our grassroots volunteers are on stand by and ready to take action.

10. Pray for Singapore to enjoy continued peace, prosperity, and progress.

Thank you for reading.

Please pass the message.


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