Sharing Stories

by Patrick Liew on July 15, 2011

“Patrick, don’t just teach us, share with us about your life.
“Show us that we can apply your lessons because you have lived them in your life.”

These words came from Adeline, one of my ex-students. Until today, she still feel I inspired her to success.

Adeline’s words shook and caused me to struggle for a long period of my life.

Finally, I decided to open up my heart and mind. I made myself vulnerable by sharing about my life.

I realized people can use my honesty against me. Unfortunately, many people have.

Still, it is my hope that the people around me will sense my sincerity.

In pouring out my failures, frailties and follies, I hope to encourage them to be much better than me. I can inspire them to greatness.

Life is but a series of stories.

If I do not accept my life stories and come to terms with them, I would have lost the very essence of life.

I cannot have peace if I do not know how to face my stories and share it with my closest friends.

I have also come to realize if I cannot find meaning and purpose in my life stories, I cannot achieve breakthroughs. I cannot live beyond the horizon of possibilities.

All of us have a natural instinct to tell stories. It is a powerful way to connect with ourselves and with the people around us.

The stories that we tell in the future is a reflection of the stories we have already created in our hearts.

We will never be the heroes in these stories if we are not already heroes in the stories within our minds.

Leaders throughout the corridor of time have used stories to communicate life-changing ideas and use them to move hearts and minds. It is a powerful way to change the world.

If the stories in their minds are healthy, it will create healthy outcomes in their followers’ lives. On the other hand, if the stories in their minds are unhealthy, it will unleash a trail of destructions.

I wrote this Love Note looking at throngs of people at the LCC terminal in Kuala Lumpur.

Every one of them has a story. If any one of them were to openly share the story of his life with me, I would be on my way to have a good friend.

What’s your story?


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