Feud Between PM Lee And His Sister

by Patrick Liew on April 19, 2016

It’s sad to see the feud between PM Lee and his sister being blown up into a national and even international issue.

It all started because of an article that was supposed to be published in the Straits Times. Is it really worth it?

In the final analysis, it’s a lose-lose-lose outcome for PM Lee, Dr Lee Wei Ling, and for the country.

PM Lee has been a pillar of strength when he led the country through a week of grief despite going through the sorrow of losing his father and a mentor in many ways.

It’s not difficult to envisage that PM Lee could not have used the commemoration to perpetuate his power.

For many of us, honoring Mr Lee Kuan Yew was a necessary act of gratefulness for his service and contribution to the country. We don’t think the commemoration has gone overboard or has in any way led to a cult of personality.

It is unfortunate that the family feud may have caused reputational damages to the parties involved and affected the good standing of Singapore and our meritocracy-based government in the international arena.

I hope that this feud will come to an end soon. I’m sure that would be the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s wish for his children too.

May the Lee family be healed and restored through forgiveness, reconciliation, and peace.

On a bigger picture, let the nation rise above this and other issues facing us now and in the future.

Life is already too short for enjoying love, joy and peace. Why waste more time on unhealthy conflicts?

Why not pursue peace and help bring about a more peaceful world?

Let’s do our part to unite people and bring forth more happiness and harmony to the people around us.

Together, let us step up – not shut down; love – not hate; forgive – not begrudge; heal – not harm; unite – not divide; progress – not regress; and be constructive – not destructive.

Let’s leave the world a better place than when we first step into it. If necessary, let’s compromise short term personal gains for long term benefits for ourselves and for others too.

Peace is priceless. It begins with each and every one of us.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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