Tribute To A Giant

by Patrick Liew on March 23, 2015

He went into the gladiator’s arena to fight not for his life but for his country. 

His enemies were stronger then and had support coming from different countries. 

There were dark forces lurking behind shadows, manipulating impressionable minds and agitating people at their worst instincts. 

The battle had no rules. Nobody expect a fair fight. 

It was more than a game of chance. It could be a fight to the last breath. 

The prize was not for fame and glory but for the destiny of a people. A people that were made up of more spectators than players, observers than  participants, critics than supporters. 

That was the context of the battle.

It took a man of courage and street smartness to turn the tide. An iron hand to restore stability and engineer growth for our economy and society. 

It took a strong leader to galvanize the energy of our people and channel it in the right direction and build on a dream. 

It requires great leadership to inspire a talented team of leaders to transform Singapore from a third-world country to become a first-world country.

It requires a clean heart and mind to free oneself and the government from the clutches of corruption, abuse, and destruction. 

It requires effective vision, execution, and grit to turn a little red dot into one of the most admired countries in the world. 

Thank God, we had Mr Lee Kuan Yew fighting on our side and led us to victory, the building of a successful Singapore. 

Mr Lee was a man of our time and he led us out of the pits. Along the way, he made many sacrifices for our nation. 

He is not perfect but his contributions have made a positive difference to our future. I can’t think of another leader that could have done the same for us. 

He is respected by many in different quarters of society, including other great leaders and politicians.

If you travel all over the world, you would realise that Singapore is widely respected and modeled after. 

It’s a pride and joy to say, “I am a Singaporean.” 

For that, we must largely thank Mr Lee Kuan Yew for what he has done and achieved for us. 

That was how history was made. Destiny crafted in posterity. 

A new chapter begins…


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