Wiring Your Brain For Financial Success

by Patrick Liew on October 24, 2017

The biggest enemy to achieving financial success lies between your ears.

Unfortunately, most people have not conditioned their minds, programmed their brains, and wired their neural networks for financial success.

While growing up, their parents did not teach them how to be rich and wealthy.

In schools, not many teachers are focused on being financially intelligent. Few are able to impart financially literacy knowledge and skills to their students.

Perhaps, that’s why financial literacy education is not a major part of academic curriculum.

In most workplaces, employers are not inclined to help their staff improve their financial literacy levels. They’re concern about setting unnecessary expectations and losing their employees.

To make matters worst, there are very few programmes that can help ordinary persons improve their financial positions and achievements.

Just as importantly, not many people are willing to pay the price, make necessary sacrifices, and discipline themselves to learn, improve and achieve better financial results.

As a result, most people have not honed their reticular activating system (RAS) to enhance their financial success.

The RAS is a part of the brain’s attention centre. It’s responsible for regulating transitions between sleep and wakefulness, including levels of consciousness.

In addition, it’s also the gatekeeper of thoughts, emotions and external influences.

As a switching centre, the RAS processes a constant bombardment of information that are received through all five senses.

It sieves out crucial information to be transmitted to the conscious mind so as to
coordinate integrated responses to external stimuli and inputs.

As a result, the RAS plays an important part in activating the right focus, motivation, and action to achieve financial goals.

Having taught many people about the vital functions of the RAS, I can count only a few people who are aware about the RAS and are committed to sharpening their RAS to achieve financial freedom.

Besides teaching my students different strategies and techniques to develop the RAS in order to create, grow, spend and protect wealth wisely, I also encourage my students to carry out an ongoing series of fun work.

(I hate to use words like homework, exercises or practices).

I taught them that wherever they are, they should always explore ways to help improve the people and environment around them.

Whenever my students come across a profit-making enterprise, project or activity and even if they are not involved in it, they should challenge themselves to come out with ways to strengthen those enterprises and increase their number of customers, sales, and profits.

By doing so, they learn to focus on wealth-creation.

Whatever they focus upon will take on a clearer and more effective and efficient perspective.

They also learn to be more curious about money, and to research and reflect more deeply into the art and science of improving their financial positions and assets.

As they carry out these fun works, they develop their RAS to help them make the world a better home.

They also learn how to raise more financial resources to serve a higher calling and fulfill a worthier cause.

In conclusion, please look within and around you right now.

How can you do more and do better for yourself, others and the environment?

How can you earn more money to help you live a more meaningful, exciting and fulfilling life?

Keep asking yourself such questions and you’ll hone your RAS to support you in achieving financial freedom.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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