Words Can Change Lives.

by Patrick Liew on August 16, 2019

Words Can Change Lives.

What if teachers call homework “fun learning”?

It may help students to better enjoy their homework and put in more effort, wouldn’t it?

There is power in words. They can change lives.

The choice of words can improve mindset and behaviour.

Therefore, be careful how you select and use words.

Think: How else can you frame challenges in your life and make it more meaningful, exciting, and fulfilling?

For example:

1. Work can be a “purposeful vacation”.

Enjoy your work and find meaning, values, and significance in it.

Work will then become a purposeful vacation.

Enjoy your work and you’ll perpetually be on a holiday.

2. Physical exercise can be an “uplifting game.”

Like a vaccine, physical exercise may cause temporary discomfort but it will soon make you fit, strong and healthy.

In addition, exercising can help you release chemicals that improve level of happiness and well being.

That’s why physical exercise can lift you up physically as well as emotionally.

It’s a healthy, fun and exciting game.

3. Diet can be a “life extension plan.”

Dieting is a plan that can result in you having more energy, vigor, and vitality.

It is medically proven that if you eat wisely, you will live a longer and better life.

4. Unpleasant gathering can be a “learning party.”

There’s mystery in such meetings even though they may come with conflicts and challenges.

As you search for clues and look out for signs, you will discover more and more opportunities to learn, improve, and become a better person.

5. Enemies can be “temporary teachers.”

They can teach you many valuable lessons, including what you should not do in life.

Provide you the impetus to mould and shape yourself and bring out the best from your life.

6. Bad experiences can be a “growth opportunity.”

They can make you a more humane and humble person, and one who is in touch with the frailties of life.

In addition, they can also strengthen you and help you develop qualities of grit, perseverance, and resilience.

Bad experiences can lift you to live on a higher plane of life.

They can move you to serve a worthier cause and seek a deeper sense of fulfillment.

Remember, beware of your words. They may come to pass.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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