Creating Wealth Part 11 – Designing My Relationships To Attract Wealth

by Patrick Liew on January 29, 2012

“Why are you so ‘blur’?”

“Why must it always be you?”

“Why can’t you ever get it right?”

These were some of the words I frequently heard when I first joined the army to serve my national service. I hated these words and I could not see myself using any of these words.

Somehow at that point in time, without realizing it, these negative words had seeped into my sub-conscious mind.

After being commissioned as an officer, I was sent to lead a platoon. At an early stage, during the heat of military operations, I realized I was using those exact words that I thought I would never use.
That’s when I realized I was the result of the people I interact with. They can either lift me to a higher level or drag me through the mud of life.

People influence me in far greater ways that I could ever dream or imagine.

Positive relationships can help me to increase my capacity for and competence to earn wealth. They can also help me attract wealth to my life.

I have categorized relationships can be categorized into the following categories.

1. Inspirational Achievers 

There is a saying, ‘If you want to fly with eagles, don’t mix around with turkeys.’ The quality of my life is determined by the quality of the people around me.

It is therefore important that I choose my friends carefully and pursue the right friendships.

I need to commit to develop and work on developing positive relationships with them.

Positive relationships are based on win-win results. In the process of interacting with one another, we need to inspire and motivate one another to achieve positive outcomes.

We need to value-add on and help each other to attain better achievements in life.

Nobody gets left behind. Every person reaches the end point knowing that the journey has benefited them – both individually and as a team.

I am committed to seek out, interact with, and learn from achievers in life.

2. ‘Energy Vampires’ 

As I expand my network of friends, I am mindful to avoid ‘energy vampires.’ These are people who will literally suck my energy and de-motivate me. They will poison my mind and contaminate my spirit.

I remind myself constantly that there are many such ‘energy vampires’ lurking in every corner. They are waiting to pound on me and suck life out of me.

The best way to respond to them is simply – RUN! I will not pretend that I can change them or withstand their onslaught of negativity without being influenced by them.

When I meet such people, if I cannot avoid them, I will deal with them on an arm’s length basis. I ensure they do not impact my personal life and development.

I will minimize my contacts with them and if need be, I will do everything I can to ‘detox’ my mind of whatever negative messages they may have possibly put in my mind.

3. Empowering Teams  

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.   

– Helen Keller   

To achieve the best results, I need to enroll and continue to enroll the right talents to help me as a team.

After selecting the right persons to be in my team, I must trust them. I must expect the best from them so as to achieve the best results. They will rise to the level of my belief in their potential and performance.

As a leader, I need to help others to win before considering my own win. By doing that, I earn the right to their cooperation and collaboration.

Building a team takes time, trials and errors, and lots of practice. I am mindful that if I work on it, I will continue to improve.

Eventually, I will have an outstanding team to help me achieve win-win results.

4. Personal Advisors

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.   

– H.E. Luccock   

Success requires a variety of knowledge, competencies, skills and resources. It is impossible for any one person to have all these ingredients.

I need to surround myself with a team of personal advisors to help me achieve success. These are people I can turn to for advice, mentoring. counselling, coaching, assistance, support and services.

The sooner I start to build a ‘Board of Advisors,’ the faster I will achieve success.

5. Mentors 

Better than a thousand years of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.   

– Japanese Proverb            

All successful people have been mentored by somebody before they achieved success. If I do not have a mentor, my success will be limited.

As Oliver Goldsmith would say, ‘People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy.’

Before I look out for a mentor, I need to ask myself, “Why do I need a mentor?”

“What do I expect to gain from the mentorship?”

To gain additional knowledge? Sharpen a skill? Increase my contacts? Advice and guide me?

If I don’t know what I want, chances are, I won’t achieve anything meaningful out of the mentorship.

Before I appoint a mentor, I need to conduct a vigorous research of the potential candidates. These candidates have to be able to help me achieve my goals and at the same time, be able to work with me.

It can be one or more than one person. My mentor can be someone nearby or even somebody from outside my country.

I need to make a list of potential mentors and set out to learn from them – one way or another. For example, I can also model after people simply by observing them and learning from their published materials.

As Tyron Edwards would say, ‘People never improve unless they look to some standard or example higher and better than themselves.’

I have come to realize that there are many people who are willing to help me. If they are of good character, they will be willing to share their experience and expertise with me – provided they can find the significance and time to do it.

I need to explore different ways to approach potential mentors. I must believe that I have something of value to offer them.

I’m not concerned about being rejected. I just need to find ways to make it easier to learn from them and for them to help me.

I will keep trying until I can get a positive response. If I am totally committed to learn from them, my passion will eventually move them.

Mentorship requires commitment on my part. I must be willing to pay a price and very importantly, take action.   It is important that I humble myself and be open to learn from my mentors. I need to study their lives and find out more about them.

I must ask questions to make sure I know what I have to do. Then, I must take action. As I take action, I will learn from it and make the necessary improvements.

I will always be mindful of how I can value-add to my mentor. If need be, I am also willing to pay for the service.

I will constantly show my gratefulness and appreciation. One of the best ways to do so is to offer help to others.

When I give back to society, I believe my mentor will be proud of and happy for me.

6. Buddy System

Two heads are better than one. 

– Anonymous   

I believe in developing a buddy system to hold myself responsible and accountable. It will also help me stay at the cutting edge so as to achieve the best results in life.

In essence, I will form an agreement with another person to help each other achieve success in life. I will communicate with him regularly and through different modes of communication.

Buddies support each other in many different ways to ensure that both parties are moving in the right direction and achieving the desired results.

7. Mastermind Group

No man can become a permanent success without taking others along with them.   

– Napoleon Hill   

Napoleon Hill discovered that successful people have a mastermind group. This is a group of like-minded people that meets regularly to help each other fine tune their vision in life.

They help each other to be better prepared to achieve their vision.

As they meet, they help to empower, educate and enable each other to achieve success. They will hold each other accountable, and motivate each other to take the right action rightly so as to achieve the right results.

I am a firm believer in having mastermind groups to speed up my journey to success.

8. Coaches

I absolutely believe that people, 
unless coached, never reach their 
maximum capabilities.   

– Bob Nardelli   

Think of any champion in any sports. Every one of them has a coach.

The art and science of coaching has gone through major improvements. If I want to be successful in any area of my life, I need a personal coach.

A good coach has either proven himself in a specific area of expertise or has done extensive research in it.

There are some experts that believe that our brains are by nature lazy. It does not want to change and to do something new and different.

A coach can help me overcome my complacency. He can help me enhance my momentum to achieve success.

When I become accountable to a coach, I can have more clarity in life.

An effective coach can help craft and fine tune my dreams and goals. He can help me put a plan together and turn it into a reality.

He can also keep me inspired and motivated to take the necessary action. In addition, he can work with me to overcome the obstacles on my way to success.

With a coach motivating and guiding me, I can move farther and faster in life. With a coach, I have found that I can achieve quantum leaps of improvements.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


Wealth refers to the condition of well-being. It includes my physical, emotional, social and environmental well-being

Having the resources to help others and myself live a meaningful, exciting and fulfilling life in a healthy environment

Anything that grows wealth

Anything that decreases wealth

Having the money and material possessions to achieve the same aspiration for being wealthy

Money is the instrument to facilitate transaction of products and services. It is a measurement of the results of a Wealth Plan

Wealth Plan
An effective and an ever-improving blueprint to create wealth


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