Happy 54th National Day – I Love Singapore

by Patrick Liew on August 20, 2019

Happy 54th National Day – I Love Singapore

Upon this land, my heart beats.

I smell the air that carries the beauty of life.

From this nation, my eyes can see far and wide, and I know freedom is my birthright.

This beautiful country did not happen by chance.

Blood, sweat and tears flow throughout its history.

Our forefathers toiled and laboured to build on this piece of rock.

Built this nation brick by brick so that we can live in peace and find our places under the sun.

I am grateful to our Creator for putting me here and letting me do my part for our nation.

As an eyewitness of the nation-building process since 1965, I am thankful that I could live through Singapore’s miraculous transformation, from being a third world- to a first world country.

There is no better place to be alive than right here in Singapore, and right now.

We can dream and turn our dreams into a reality.

Do whatever we want to do and enjoy whatever we want to enjoy.

And also achieve whatever we want to achieve.

All these benefits we can enjoy because we are Singaporeans.

Singapore stands for opportunities.

There is hope and optimism for one and all.

No matter where we come from, we can accomplish any achievement.

Whatever the setback, we can rise up again to reach our desired destination.

Deep in my heart, I know this is the place I was born.

This is the place I will die.

I am a Singaporean not just because I was born here but because the Singaporean spirit flourishes in my heart.

Between cradle and grave, this is the place I will seek to fulfill my highest calling and serve the worthiest cause.

There is no other place I want to be than in the Lion City.

I’ll proudly fly our flag everywhere I go.

The five stars hang with passion in my heart.

The crescent that rose from murky past shines brightly in my soul.

The red and white of this country we call our home flood my spirit.

My heart burst forth with pride and joy for our homeland, a country that is widely admired and respected all over the world.

This shining little red dot can make things happen for any person regardless of creed, custom, and culture.

As a retired soldier, I pledge that when the bugle calls; and I pray it will never happen, I will respond.

I will shed my last blood to defend the values that bind us all.

Fight till my last breath to preserve our boundary of ideals.

Stand in the frontline for the people who made this country great and the citizens who are a part of my extended family.

I am prepared to lay my life for the freedom of our land.

Till my last day, I will inspire my children and my children’s children to take pride in giving back to our country and to our people.

Singapore is like a beautiful symphony orchestra.

Each and every one of us can play our part to bring forth wonderful music – masterpieces that can be enjoyed by the world and generations to come.

Majulah Singapura!


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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