Failure, Oh Sweet Failure!

by Patrick Liew on March 23, 2014

Amidst the travails of life
A kind teacher comes
With a wonderful lesson in hand
Her name is Ms. Sweet Failure.

Within her lesson plan
Are things we must understand;
Failure is part of life
A positive experience for man.

In failures we may find
Painful feelings and sorrow
But in these we mustn’t wallow
Instead build strength, improve, and our dreams follow.

Beneath every failure unearthed
Is a positive feedback to be heard
Which catapults us forward
With better skills and wisdom.

If we meet failures head on
In our life’s journeys we must go on.
Mere stopovers must not deter us,
From meeting our goals with resilience.

For the one who sees wisdom in failure
Is the one who always succeeds.
For though his goal he hasn’t met yet,
He is endowed with humility, grit, and new skills set.

Such values Ms. Sweet Failure shares
Even her ward has long left her class
Such lessons in life we bear
When we receive of failure our fair share.

What then of failure must we do?
First, prepare for what it could do worst
Taking a proactive stance when failures loom
Wins half the battle, removes the gloom.

Embrace the truth that life is in part
Setbacks, failures, pain, and hurt.
To have this compels us to prepare
On what to do in case we fail.

This way life then becomes
A series of successes, failures none.
For when one door shuts, there is another door
That opens to where bright hopes have gone.

Develop a mind geared to succeed
Despite failures we meet
Failure is no failure unless we say it is,
Let no grumble, gripe or grouse throw our dreams to pits.

Life is in fact a day-to-day test
That is a reality we shouldn’t detest
For while we cannot change our challenges
We can control our attitude and be our best.

What have you become when once you failed?
Indeed a failure, or a victor undeterred?
What becomes of us is what we make of us
Failure may try hardest, but we can choose to rise above.

So my friends, Ms. Sweet Failure reminds,
Life can be a sweet success
If but from failures
We do our best!

– Patrick Liew and a mysterious poet


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