Mother Earth Is Calling

by Patrick Liew on May 2, 2014

We are solitary travellers

On the face of earth

Walking to each our journey’s ends

Day by day, we trudge and tread

On the same hallowed ground

Breathe the sweet scent of fresh air

Feel the rush of breeze through our hair

Play on the soft verdant grass below

Catch the dazzling sunlight aglow

Smell the fragrant flowers

Taste the sweet fruits from trees that bear

Food to quell our hunger

Delight our souls from despair

To the west as the sun sets

The sky turns orange and mellow

To the east at day break

Bursts of wonderful yellow

Do we ever pause a moment

To bask in Earth’s glory?

Do we ever reverently adore

Earth’s unending beauty?

Stewards upon Earth

Children of our Creator

To Him we owe our lives

Listen, listen

Mother Earth is calling

Listen, listen

To the lesson she is teaching.

Let no worldly pursuit

Damage earthly good

When your vain ambitions

Collide with Mother Earth’s intuitions

Destructions may come

Her tears may flow

Into vast oceans that overflow

Her fury may rage

Into fires from grounds that bellow

Start today

To care for Mother Earth

In life everything we enjoy

Flows from her bosom

We are solitary travellers

Like peregrines in the sky

Leave this Earth a better place

For those who yet shall come

After we long are gone.

– Patrick Liew and an anonymous poet


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