Vigilantes Beware

by Patrick Liew on April 28, 2017

When netizens identified the wrong couple for bullying the elderly person at a hawker centre in Toa Payoh, the couple suffered a spate of abuses on the Net.

This incident highlights the need to manage and control vigilantes both online and on the street.

When people take the laws into their own hands, it’ll give rise to many potential risks and dangers.

They may punish the wrong persons and cause unnecessary problems to them and their loved ones.

These vigilantes may use extreme words and actions to stir the emotions of many others.

That may provoke the crowd into taking more damaging and violent actions and the crowd may even go out of normal control.

If these vigilantes take on the role of judge, jury and executioner, they may cause reputational damages to a company and affect its stability, profitability and growth.

In a bigger picture, it may undermine the integrity of our law enforcement forces and lead to a misplaced loss of trust by the general public.

In addition, it may also affect the smooth operation of our forces and affect their performance and outcomes.

For eyewitnesses of similar incidents, they should contact the police as soon as possible.

They should submit photos, pictures, text, and videos of evidence to assist with ongoing investigations or even uncover unreported crimes.

If it’s unsafe to call the police, the person can instead SMS vital information to 71999.

During an emergency, they can also alert the police via the i-Witness function within the Police@SG mobile app.

Every one of us can do our part to help the authorities improve security and protect our people and environment.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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