A Straight Road To True Financial Freedom

by Patrick Liew on September 30, 2014

A rich man was once spotted
Picking up a penny on his way
The curious pauper could not contain
His burning question he must say
“Rich man, sir, why do you bother
A penny to pick on your way
Do you not have an overflowing coffer
Of gold, silver and copper?”
The rich man replied, “Brother do you not see?
The penny is valuable for you and for me?
Without a penny there be no dime.
But more than that, flip the penny and peek inside
A message for you and me inscribed.”
The pauper took no moment’s delay
And before his eyes beheld
The message on the penny that matches gold
“In God We Trust.”
Indeed, wealth untold.

Money, money, money
Do you have plenty or nary?
Does it matter how much or less
When you earn or spend
With thoughtlessness?
Don’t stop at loving money
Instead strive to be financially free.
What is the secret formula?
Is there a money-map to follow?
Astute investors and risk-averse ones
Rely on financial literacy tools
Technical analysis, charts, and graphs
Investment education from grassroots up.
More than that
The one ticket to financial freedom
Takes a life-long journey
To learn and be keen
To trends and strategies.
Understand proprietary models
Dare to try unheard of tactics.
Earn honestly, save, invest and spend meaningfully
It’s about Reverence for the Almighty
The True Source of all wealth
It’s about preference to value adding
Beyond the nominal value of money
It’s a consciousness to create wealth
And help others along the way
Because you have much,
Because each day you live,
Let live.
Begin today
With the end in mind
Of being debt-free
Of provident living
Of self reliance
Of giving service and charity.
That my friend
Is what it means
To be financially free.


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