A Tribute To Fathers

by Patrick Liew on June 12, 2014

Your father is one of the most wonderful gifts from our Creator.

He may not be perfect and may not  have done everything right.

In the same way, you have not been perfect and have done wrong too.

Many people do not hold your wrongdoing against you.

Do the same to others and especially to your father.

Your father did not learn about fatherhood in school.

There is hardly any training programme to teach him how to carry out his role and responsibilities.

He cannot learn fathering at work, nor at any other setting.

Your father learns on the job and he can only do his level best. It may not be the best or his best may not be good enough for you.

Remember, he is a human too. He has to struggle to put food on the table and care for you.

As a mortal man, he has to fight the darkness in his mind and shadows in his life.

However, deep within him, there is a powerful force that is at work  – Love.

Your father loves you.

He has options but he chose to spend time and money to ensure that you were kept safe and well.

He loves you more than you will ever know.

When you were young and vulnerable, he was there for you.

He put up with your screams and cries, even in the middle of the night.

He was there when you were sick and had to be rushed to the doctor.

He stood with you when you were hurt and he supported you through many challenges.

There were times when he stood behind you in silence. That could be even more painful than any action, including voicing his thoughts.

He shared your moments of difficulties in a way that you would never be able to understand.

He was in fear when you were struggling with your frailty, foolishness, and failure.

He was stressed when you went through pitfalls, puddles, and potholes in life.

Through the ups and downs, he was right behind you.

He was always ready to pick you up and support you.

You will never realise how much your father has sacrificed for you unless
there is a way to replay images of the past.

You will never fully appreciate how much energy your father has put into raising you up.

The day would come when he knew
you have grown up and needed to be independent.

As a father, I know it is never easy to release you to find your place in the sun. A part of his heart would go with you.

Wherever you are, your father will always be there with you and for you.

Deep in his being, he holds on to the child that once loved him in such an innocent and deep way. The child that spent time with him and clung dearly to him

This Father’s Day, won’t you be that child again?


When I wrote these words, you are no longer with me.

I wish you are still around.

There are words that I wish I had said and had said them more often to you.

There are things I wish I can do for you but it’s not possible now.

The aches in my heart and tears from my eyes can never bring you back to me.

Papa, I love you…


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