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by Patrick Liew on August 16, 2011

I must have been born to be a blogger.

Since young, I started to keep a diary, otherwise known as journaling. For the ‘Generation Y’ ers, keeping a  diary is the ancestor of blogging.

Initially, I recorded my daily activities.

Later, I would craft my thoughts about them.

Much later, I would search for deeper meaning and significance. I would craft my reflections about the experiences.

Then, I discovered websites, blogs and facebook.

Journaling took on a totally new meaning for me. I can record my reflections and post them in multimedia format, using photos, videos and all the wonderful features of social media.

Through sharing my thoughts, I could obtain ‘free-of-charge’ feedback and recommendations. It took my learning experience to a higher level.

Why do I keep a diary (For Dinosaurs) , journal (For Baby Boomers Generation), or blog (For Generation Y)?

1.       Carpe Diem – Seizing The Moment

As I go through an exciting day (every day is exciting), I aim to capture every single moment.

By remembering these moments and writing about them, I heighten my appreciation of the experience.

I become more grateful and thankful for everything that our Creator has given to me.

I realized that He gives me miracles every day of my life. It is sad when I don’t capitalize on them for my life.

2.       Reflective Learning

When I review every activity, I realized there is so much I can learn from it.

It can help me to improve my KASH – knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits.

Critical self-reflection is one of the best ways for me to learn and improve. It helps me to get better results.

3.       Healing Process

Every one of us has gone through different hurts, pain and scars in life.

I am no different.

In the process of journaling my thoughts and feelings of the experiences in my life, it helps me to enhance my self-discovery process. I can better analyze the issues, and that helps me in my search for solutions.

I’m also in a better position to manage my stress level and handle the challenges in life.

Research has proven that journaling is a therapeutic activity. It helps in the healing of emotional hurts and scars.

4.       Engaging My Loved Ones

At one point in my life when I was facing death, I had a few regrets.

I could have been a much better father to my children. I also wished I had spent more time with my nephews, nieces, grand nephews, grand nieces, and other loved ones.

My brother has reminded me more than once that I should spend more time to guide them.

Time is what I do not have as I am developing my career and running a business. At the end of the day, that, too, is an excuse.

If there is a way I can turn back the clock to fulfill my role as an elder in the family – I would.

I’m glad many of my loved ones are my friends on fb now.

I hope it’s not too late to start sharing. I want to play a part in their lives.

5.       Building Strong Bonds With Agents 

I am proud and passionate about being an agent. My real estate journey has helped me to live a meaningful, exciting and fulfilling life.

I’m grateful and indebted to the real estate profession and industry.

Blogging is one of my ways of paying back.

I want to build a strong bond with my agents through the ‘digital coffee shops.’

I endeavor to reach out to all the real estate agents. Please allow this 200-year-old dinosaur to share his two cents worth of experience with you.

I aim to inspire you to success.

6.      Fulfilling My Calling

I have a calling to love and serve people. I want to inspire people to greatness.

Recently, an American-Korean that I met over dinner gave me a prophecy for my life.

It was more like a confirmation of what is in my heart.

I’m called to be #2.

You are #1.

As #2, I want to inspire you to be #1.

When you become a winner, I will be a winner too.

In conclusion, I encourage you to blog along with me. It is a powerful way to achieve progress.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

Please go to ‘Notes’ found below my profile picture.

Visit my Inspiration blog at

Visit my Transformation blog at

Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!

Question: How can we share our experiences and inspire others to success?


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