Can We Co-Exist With Animals?

by Patrick Liew on February 6, 2017

In deciding to cull the chickens, inadequate information were provided to the public to make a better informed judgement.

Many questions were left unanswered and hence, the the issue is still getting different responses from different quarters of society.

For example, has the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore(AVA) discover why there’s a large population of chickens in certain areas and look into eradicating the roots rather than symptoms of the issue?

Has the AVA consulted experts, done a proper job in sensing the ground, and studied and explored various options?

Are there concrete evidence to substantiate the AVA’s views and decision? Can it do a better job in communicating to the public?

Responding to a few complainants and acceding to their request cannot be the basis for a sound decision.

Should the AVA also consult those who have a different opinion and recommendation?

If it caters to the wish of a few complainants, how will it affect future decision-making processes in the AVA and for that matter, in the other governmental agencies?

In a bigger picture, animals are some of human’s best friends. They can be loyal to us, love us, and serve us.

Hence, they have been used as metaphors to teach us positive values, behaviors and aspirations.

Should we have absolute rights to cull animals for some people’s convenience? Can we find better ways to co-exist with animals and make our country a more diverse, interesting and appealing place?

When we save an animal and learn to live with it, we are not just keeping another animal alive.

We demonstrate an act of compassion, kindness and inspiration to our children and our children’s children. We can also leave behind a wonderful legacy for a better world.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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