Capitalising On Disruptions

by Patrick Liew on August 22, 2016

In the new world of disorder, it bodes well to be mindful that almost every business, job and career can be disrupted, disintermediated, and dissolved.

What has helped us achieve success till now may not help us to be successful in the future.

In fact, past successes may drive us to hold on to and maintain status quo.

They can prevent us from reviewing, redesigning and rebuilding our operational models to lead the future.

The questions that beg to be answered are:

How can we ensure that our people are fully aware and prepared to make the most of the increasing level of unpredictability and change?

How can we future-proof our people so that they have the right mindset, knowledge, skills, and behaviour to survive and succeed in an ever-changing and fast-moving world?

How can we develop the culture and capacity for monitoring disruptive forces and re-positioning ourselves to respond to and leverage on these forces?

How can we reengineer our infrastructures, models, systems and other resources to groom talents and enterprises that will pioneer disruptive changes and expand our space and influence in the global economy?

The greatest obstacle to change is not out there but within ourselves.

The test of a winner is how we can remove impediments to positive changes so that we can adapt to and influence new realities.

To capitalise on the future, we must anticipate, embrace and exploit the kaleidoscopic pace of change.

We must never see it as a problem but as an opportunity to learn, improve, and advance worthwhile pursuits.

As the shelf life of operational models and advantages are shortening, we must be willing to discipline ourselves to let go of the past and creatively “destroy” our organisational models, organisations and ourselves.

The key focus is not just to find ways to respond to every challenge but to build more a resilient framework and people.

We must continue to learn new knowledge and cultivate new competencies and practices to stay above the challenge and lead the crowd.

We need to develop an adaptable culture with an able and agile team that will not only survive turbulence but also exploit the silver lining in every storm and develop more advantages for stronger growth.

We must continue to build open, digital and dynamic systems that will help us interpret trends, evaluate impact of new and emerging developments, and think effectively on how to seize destiny and create our own future.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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