Developing The Heartware Of Service

by Patrick Liew on August 30, 2011

On my mission trip to Cambodia, I planned to share on how to develop the heartware of an enterprise, or in other words, how to establish a powerful corporate philosophy so that the organization can serve its highest calling.

I ended up learning more about heartware, and bringing useful lemons home with me.

On my first day inCambodia, I chartered a taxi as I often do in a new country. My plan was to have a good look and feel for the city.

I also wanted to supplement my desktop research and to do it in the fastest possible way.

I had bargained with the taxi driver and was already on board the taxi, going on our way to our first stop, a museum.

Somehow, I felt as a businessman that I should try to negotiate again for a lower fee.

I started to bargain with him.

This is not a normal practice and I had half expected the driver to be impatient and even angry. Instead, he responded in a professional and polite way.

During lunch, I decided to go to a Cambodian restaurant that was facing the Mekong River. As I was not familiar with the items on the menu, I asked many questions, including questions that probably did not make any sense to a local.

The waiter put on a smile throughout the conversation and was very courteous. I ended up having a good meal, enjoying some strange looking but delicious food that I have not eaten before in my life.

At the hotel, I ordered food through the inhouse telephone system.

I also asked the staff from the ‘Room Service’ department if he can bring me an adaptor and a shaver. I knew this is not the right department to call for such a service.

I was pleasant surprised by the response.

“Mr. Liew, even though this is not our job, I will call my colleagues for you. I will make sure they deliver what you need to you.”


I went to a shop to buy some clothings. It was located near Psar Toul Tom Poung (the Russian Market).

As my body is more normal than normal people (Ha!), I have to spend a lot of time trying out different designs and sizes.

Please imagine what the salesgirl had to go through as I had to go in and out of the dressing room and try different clothings.

I was also asking the salesgirl many questions. As somebody who disdained shopping and find it a waste of time, I was sure many of my enquiries were dumb ones.

The salesgirl gave me excellent customer service. She provided me useful tips and helped me to make what I believe to be good decisions.

I walked out of the shop, a happy customer.

I had similar experiences throughout my trip in Cambodia.

As a frequent traveller, there are not many places in the world where you can enjoy a great service experience.

Even in developed countries, where there are world-class customer service trainings, customer relationship management (CRM) technologies, and excellent infrastructure, the service level leaves much to be desired.

I have come to one realization.

The heart of customer service problems is a problem of the heart.

The worst heart disease is not to have a heart for people.

If I don’t have a heart for the customers, nothing in the world can help me to improve my service.

The quality of my heart determines the quality of my service.

When I achieve outstanding service, it can also mean that I have an outstanding heart.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


Question: How can we have a heart for loving people and providing them the highest level of service?  



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