Environmentally-Friendly Buildings

by Patrick Liew on April 6, 2012

When I was studying for my degree in real estate, one of the projects was to craft a paper to promote the development of Green Buildings. These are buildings that are environmentally-friendly and therefore, can contribute to a more sustainable planet.

At that point in time, while the concept was noble, it was easier said than done. The joke was that it would c…ost more money to make it happened. In other words, it was inefficient and as a result, it ran contrary to the idea of making the environment more sustainable.

In recent times, there are a lot more socially responsible people n organisations. Technology has also improved by leaps and bounds.

We are seeing more Green n sustainable built environment. There is a stronger movement towards accelerating such an initiative.

Let’s do our part to protect n preserve Planet Earth. It’s the only home that we have.



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