Exercise To Live A Better Life

by Patrick Liew on June 16, 2011

February 22, 2010

Today, I had to drag myself to My HSR Gymnasium. After a tiring workout, I felt really good about myself.

At a subsequent meeting with some community leaders, I was fresh, more alert, and able to contribute more effectively. It is experience like this that convinced me again and again on the importance of exercise.

I am sure we know the proven fact that exercise can prolong our lives. It can help us live with more energy and vitality.

With a fit, strong and healthy body, we are also in a better position to become real estate champions.

Before I continue, I have to make a confession.

I am, by nature, lazy.

In other words, I rather relax and have fun than hit the gym. I have to fight against my natural inclinations and disciplined myself to live a healthy lifestyle.

This will be a constant battle throughout my life. However, I know I can overcome it and enjoy myself in the process.

For example, I paid a tidy sum of money to retain personal fitness coaches to help me. I forced myself to exercise because I don’t want to waste my money. Thankfully, these coaches made it fun for me.

I made appointments to go to the gym every day. It’s my “Me Time”. Even if I have to miss a session or two, I would still end up working out three times per week.

My personal assistant would also remind me the day before so that I am mentally prepared to do it. I would psyche myself to have a great time.

Over a period of time, I began to enjoy the exercise and felt good about it. Even If I have to drag myself to the gym at times, I found it easier to do so because I have anchored the good feelings and benefits in my mind.

You don’t have to do what I have done. You can find other and even better ways to motivate yourself. You just have to take the necessary actions.


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