Gems In a Value-Added Life

by Patrick Liew on August 27, 2018

Gems In a Value-Added Life

Like a precious gem
Each life has a unique value
Hidden from anyone’s view
A tap that flows with treasure
That can only be opened
Once we believe and realize
Our true nature.

Each is a child of the Creator
And therefore a rightful inheritor
A role that gives life to a play
A value that is always there to stay.

This in itself is a wealth
A jewel that makes fortune by itself.

Once we make this stand
Every time we offer a hand
And let others stand on their feet
Our self-worth multiplies
The value of immeasurable skies.

Such is the gift
Of first having a belief
I am a gem of worth
That nobody can copy
No matter how many
A collection can be.

My asset is in knowing my good quality
Designed to help those who are needy.

For I carry with me an important piece
A hope not to be missed

A solution to the hassle
That completes the whole puzzle.

And in this game of life
My real specialty
Can be that of a key
That opens more boxes of ‘jewelry’
Where many other souls
Can shine like me.

Always there is someone
Who awaits to fulfill
Their mission to solve
Maybe even greater ordeals.

Such is the added value of virtue
An imperishable wealth
Which we can only find
Once we begin to reflect
And clear the thoughts
That’s going through our mind.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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