I Cannot Forget His Face…

by Patrick Liew on April 19, 2016

For the past few days, the face of an old friend kept floating around in my mind.

It started when I had a wonderful breakfast with him after not seeing each other for a long time.

Peter (not his real name) and I served once upon a time on the Board of a non-profit organisation.

We provide healthy television programmes and offer humanitarian services in emerging countries.

For about ten years, we were involved in building houses, roads, and toilets. At one stage, we were probably the largest well-diggers in some of the poorest villages in this part of the world.

We were also organising many a medical and dental mission to help the poor, sick and needy.

Since leaving the organisation, each one of us went separate ways to pursue different dreams and aspirations.

It was therefore such a joy to meet Peter once again.

He’s an old friend who has walked with me through a meaningful and beautiful part of my life’s journey.

Peter was by any count a highly successful corporate executive, having served as the head honcho of a prominent franchise chain. He was also a director of one of the top hotels in Singapore.

After his retirement from the business world, Peter gave his life to lead and advice different organisations. These organisations were involved in providing various life-changing services to individuals, communities and countries.

Peter was one of my heroes and a model in my life.

I’m not surprised if our Creator will welcome him in the future with widespread hands and a big smile saying, “You’re a good and faithful servant.”

With these information as a backdrop, you can understand why what Peter told me over breakfast broke my heart.

After my asking the usual perfunctory “How’re you?” question, Peter told me how he had to rely on his savings after leaving the employment world.

Then, his one-and-only adult son told Peter that he wanted to switch to a different career and therefore, had decided to pursue another degree-awarding course of study in Switzerland.

As a good father, Peter agreed wholeheartedly to support his son even though it was a financial burden. Such was the love of my hero and a great father.

After finishing his studies, Peter’s son is currently planning to go overseas to further develop his knowledge and skill.

Meanwhile, Peter was running low on his savings. He needed a way to generate an income to support himself and his family.

How can I help my 73-year old friend?

Peter’s face and story kept floating in my mind. They have been weighing on my heart.

Meanwhile, I had arranged for another good friend to meet Peter to counsel him and if things work out, to train him on a new set of skills that may help him earn an income.

There are many like Peter, especially the older PMETs. They are struggling to find jobs and to convince potential employers of their worth and contribution.

An idea is birthing in my mind. But I’m already overstretched with my other endeavors.

I’m paying a lot of money for good works. My time is limited. I’m almost physically and emotionally drained.

What should I do?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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