It’s Time For Constant Improvement.

by Patrick Liew on July 19, 2018

It’s Time For Constant Improvement.

In our company, we challenge our staff to learn, create, innovate, improve, and achieve better results – constantly.

We believe that one idea, word, or initiative can help us achieve not just incremental but quantum leaps of improvement.

As part of a system that was developed more than ten years ago, they have to submit two areas of improvement on a monthly basis.

The recommendations would be compiled and circulated to everybody.

By doing so, we hope to encourage them to encourage each other and catalyze better recommendations.

And work as a team to take our company to a higher level.

I give my staff a checklist of what I called the “6Es Questions” to help them improve their work and life.

The quality of your achievements depends on the number of quality questions you ask yourself throughout your life.

Let me share the “6Es Questions” with you.

I hope they will also help you improve your outcomes, results, and impacts.

1. End-Point Question

What are your desired end-points?

2. Effectiveness Question

What actions should you take so as to reach the desired end-points?

3. Efficiency Question

How can you take the actions in the best possible way?

4. Execution Question

How can you implement the actions so as to reach the desired end-points?

5. Enhancement Question

How can you continue to improve the actions so as to get better results?

6. Empowerment Question

How can you teach others so that they can also achieve the same results?

I hope that by asking these “6 Es Questions” regularly and taking massive actions, you will do a better job of taking yourself to a higher level.

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I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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