It’s Time To Be “Re-Plan” For The Past.

by Patrick Liew on August 19, 2019

It’s Time To Be “Re-Plan” For The Past.

All of us have a past that we can never change.

We can decide to sink or soar as a result of it.

Unfortunately, many people are trapped in the past.

They relive their hurts and carry emotional baggages from the past.

Unfortunately, if they are not at peace with the past, they will never be at peace with the present.

If they cannot accept and appreciate the past, they cannot soar and succeed in the future.

Contempt of the past will eventually condemn the future.

As you reflect on the challenges of the past, be mindful they were not random dots in your life.

They happened for a reason.

There are purpose, meaning and significance for every experience even though you might not realise it at that point in time.

You cannot change the past.

However, you can choose to learn from and build on the past.

You may not be able to forget a negative experience, but you can forget the negative emotions associated with it.

The more you remove the pains from the past, the more you will increase the gains in the future.

Therefore, don’t just accept your past, be at peace with it.

Don’t just come to terms with the past, be grateful and thankful for it.

Fall in love with the unique blessings of your past so as to appreciate the present and create a brighter future.

When you understand how these unique experiences can be enjoined into an amazing tapestry of purpose and blessing, the past can become a working tool for your future.

There will be a greater sense of serenity and pride and joy in your life.

The past can act like a signpost to direct your path to the future.

It can be a powerful resource to help you find true meaning and fulfillment and help you rise to your highest calling.

The past does not have to be a pitfall, it can be a powerful platform to propel you to a brighter future.

The past can become a launching pad to help you make full use of your life and live life at its best.

When you choose to turn every negative experience into a positive experience, it can become another awesome memory.

The sooner you do it, the larger will be your treasure cove of beautiful memories.

As you do so, continue to capitalise on the “here and now” so as to further expand on your treasure cove of memories. It will inspire you to live on a higher plane in life.

Hence, as a regular ritual, I would search the deep recesses of my mind.

I want to recall and review the darkest experiences in my life, including the hurt, the pain, and the sorrow.

I want to resolve and come to terms with these emotional baggages. It does not make sense to let them weigh on my spirit and become a burden in my life.

As you reflect on a new year, I like to ask you to do the same.

There may be some broken dreams, unfinished tasks, and files to be closed.

They are being laid bare on the journey of life.

Don’t let them grow to potentially become a burden on the fleshly tablets of your heart.

It’s time to revisit some of these uncompleted stories.

Stories that were left hanging at the back of time.

Review them and craft or re-craft the final chapter and complete the ending.

Close the files and when you do that, a boulder may roll off your chest, and a burden released from your heart.

You may find ourself lighter and your steps, quicker.

Eventually, you may take flight and soar to the stars of your destiny.

Think about it.

One of the best ways to be at peace with the past is to resolve old issues and build on the resulting lessons for the best future.

One of the best ways to remove past guilt is to put to right the wrongs that have been committed.

One of the best ways to remove resentment against your offenders is to continue to forgive them.

One of the best ways to clear negative emotions is to learn how to cope with the negative emotions and remove them with positive emotions.

One of the best ways to remove hatred is to replace them with love, compassion and kindness.

One of the best ways to start life anew is to clear your debt and obligation, and pay your restitution.

One of the best ways to transform your life is to remove the blockages that are holding you back.

One of the best ways to be connected to the people that are important in your life is to reach out to them and learn how to connect with them.

One of the best ways to stop carrying an unfinished busines is to complete the business and leverage on it to accomplish a higher achievement.

One of the best ways to be at peace with your life is to contribute positively to others and the environment

In conclusion, be reminded that everything around you may come to an end. Anytime.

Time may just run out on you.

Start closing the files, the files that have always been in your hearts and minds.



I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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