It’s Time To Fail Successfully.

by Patrick Liew on July 17, 2018

It’s Time To Fail Successfully.

Failure is part and parcel of a successful life.

The only way to avoid it is to live for nothing and do nothing. Life will not be worth the living.

Failure act as a signpost on the journey to success. It is a good servant but a bad master.

When you take failure by its horns and respond to it positively, it can change the way you live your life and put you on track to success.

Importance of failures

1. Failures are feedback to correct you and help you learn and improve.

They can invoke a commitment to change your positive attitude, character and behavior, all of which qualities are essential for achieving success.

As mere detours on the journey of life, failures can correct you so that you can achieve better results.

They compel you to develop new knowledge and skills.

2. Failures help you inculcate positive values and bring out the best from you.

Enable you to inculcate many positive values, including humility, self-regulation, grit, and resilience.

These values can stay with you long after you have forgotten many classroom lessons.

They can compel you to go farther and faster to your desired destination.

3. Failures can help you develop vital qualities to achieve success.

Failures are a much better teacher than success.

To be a winner in life, you need to to go and grow through every failure.

Failures spur you to reflect on desired outcomes and drive you to resolve whatever challenges to achieve them.

If you learn from a failure and act on its powerful lessons, you can bounce back from any fall and rise up higher than before.

Rise up as a wiser and stronger person.

And be shaped and moulded for a higher calling and greater achievement.

How then should you respond to failure?

1. Prepare for failures and respond proactively.

Learn how to fail successfully so as to achieve enduring success in your life.

If you live without preparing for potential and possibilities of failures, you cannot live effectively.

Successful people prepare for contingency plans to manage changing landscapes and scenarios.

The more you stretch yourself and go further in life, the higher are the probabilities of going through a failure.

Therefore, prepare for failures.

More importantly, develop skills to handle failures and respond to them proactively.

2. Develop a failure-proof mindset, a mindset to go and grow through every failure.

There is nothing wrong with failure. It is how you respond to a failure that makes it good or bad.

We can grumble, grouse and gripe about failure. As a result, it can dim our view about life.

That’s what happened to many people.

Tragically, there are people who are defeated before they experience a failure and sometimes, even before they leave their house.

They feel more comfortable to choose an easier option than face a challenge in life.

Many are more inclined to stay on their old ways or go back to those ways.

They have already failed or chosen to fail in their minds and that is one of the worst failures.

You can turn the tide by developing

a failure-proof mindset, a mindset to make full use of failures and leverage on them to go higher in life.

It starts with a choice, a choice to see failure as an opportunity and not as a problem.

A choice to take massive action to turn a failure into a feedback to make you a better person.

Remember, failure is not final unless you fail to learn from it and press on to a higher level of achievements.

3. Take full responsibility for failure.

Take full responsibility for any failure.

Responsibility is made up of two words, response, and ability.

In other words, develop accountability and exercise your ability to respond to every failure.

You may not be able to change the challenges.

However, you can change your response to them.

Find meaning in those experiences and benefit from them.

You may not be able to change the situation but you can rise above the situation and find purpose in it.

Take massive action to live a better life.

Instead of feeling like a victim, you can focus on your dream and not over dwell on the failure.

And press on to become a victor on the journey of life.

4. Overcome fear of failure.

Very often, it is not failure that has stopped many people on their journey to success, it is the fear of failure.

It is unfortunate that when they run away from the fear of failure, they also run away from the fruit of success.

Failure is only a temporary setback.

It will only become terminal when you give up trying and believing that you can succeed.

If you don’t quit, you will never lose.

When you quit, failure becomes permanent and you are out of the race forever.

5. Nip failure at its bud.

The path of failure and destruction is strewn with small little errors and mistakes that snowball over time.

If your mind is open, you will be able to sense the signs leading to a failure.

Unfortunately, those signs are frequently ignored and are not managed in a positive, prompt and proper way.

The conscience eventually becomes numbed to negative thought, words, and behavior.

These actions are hard wired into the mind and they become a habitual way of life, leading to a failure.

That is why you need to learn from every failure.

If you do not learn from the failure, you have failed a second time and in one of the worse ways.

6. Press on to dream and succeed.

Life has taught us that the person who usually succeeds is the person who never runs away from a failure.

Winners are people who never give up. They develop tenacity, grit, and resilience to press on to success.

The race may seem long but the finishing line is just around the corner.

Don’t give up on your dream. When you continue to dream, failures will be less formidable and easier to overcome.

6. Learn how to successfully fail your way to success.

Throughout my life, failures have become stepping stones to success and not millstones around my neck.

It has softened me, strengthened me, and enlightened me.

It has softened me in the sense that it has humbled me and made me more compassionate.

I can better understand and feel for people who are facing challenges in their lives.

It has made me a more empathetic and approachable person.

Failures strengthened me to become a wiser and better person.

To overcome failures, I had to put in more effort to strengthen major life skills.

I have to improve my knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits – all of which has made me a stronger person.

In the process of resolving downsides of failures, I have learned how to persist and persevere so as to achieve desired outcomes and results.

I became more resilient in facing other challenges in life.

Failures have enlightened me to realize that there are many “Patrick Liews” out there who are facing different kinds of challenges.

I want to inspire them with how I turn failures and downsides into an advantage of a higher order.

Serve them so that they will not be left behind on the highways and byways of life.

Instead, they will become leaders for the good of society.

In short, without confronting failures, I would have never truly lived and succeeded in anything.

In conclusion, please don’t let any failure go to waste.

There is a proverbial phoenix that can soar to the stars from the failure – and that winner can be you.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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