It’s Time To Find Meaning In Challenges.

by Patrick Liew on July 31, 2018

It’s Time To Find Meaning In Challenges.

Have you ever felt stressed and felt even more alive than before?

I was having a good chat with my eldest princess.

Suddenly, she turned to me and said, “Daddy, you must be going through lots of stress at work?”

I replied, “Hmm, how did you guess?”

Then she said, “Many people are slandering you and backstabbing you?”

Looking at her cheeky smile, I asked, “How did you find out, ol’ wise one?

She continued as if she had a magical crystal ball in front of her, “And people are stealing things from under your nose?”

By then, I was amazed. “Wow! How did you know what’s happening in my life?”

At that point, we were both lying on our side and facing each other.

She looked into my eyes and said something that got me thinking for awhile.

“Papa, I’ve have never seen you more alive than during recent times. You seem to have a new leash of life.”

You know what?

My daughter was absolutely right.

I thrived in challenges. I bloomed when there were troubles all around me.

I came alive when I had mountains that needed to be conquered.

When I was 15 years old (about ten years ago Lol!), Mr John Ho, my elderly Sunday School teacher – bless his good heart – once quoted a verse from the Good Book to me.

He said: “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds…” (James 1:2 NIV).

“Pure joy when I’m in trouble?” I thought to myself, “This is utter nonsense!”

At that point, I did not fully grasp the depth of meaning of this wise saying.

As I grew older and after going through my fair share of challenges in life, I’ve proven the profound purpose and significance of this unconventional advice – again and again.

Throughout my life, challenges have become stepping stones to success and not millstones to cause setbacks.

They have softened me, strengthened me, and enlightened me.

Challenges have softened me in the sense that they have humbled me and made me more of a human.

They helped me better understand and feel for people who are facing challenges in their life.

They made me a more empathetic and approachable person.

Challenges strengthened me to become a wiser and better person.

To overcome challenges, I had to improve my knowledge, attitude, skills and habits (KASH) – all of which made me a stronger person.

In the process of resolving challenges, I have learned how to persist and persevere so as to achieve desired results.

They made me more resilient in facing other challenges in life.

Challenges enlightened me to realise that there are many ‘Patrick Liew’s out there who are facing different kinds of challenges. Their challenges can be even worst than mine.

They inspire me to turn failures, problems, and disappointments into an advantage of a higher order.

In that way, I can also help others who are going through challenges in their life.

I want to serve them so that they will not be left behind on the highway and byway of life. Instead, they will become leaders for the good of society.

In short, without confronting challenges, I would have never truly lived and succeeded in anything.

In the evening of my life, I realized that confronting challenges can be a “pure joy.”

In conclusion, please don’t let any challenge go to waste.

There is a proverbial phoenix that can soar from challenges and fly to the stars of dreams.

That phoenix can be you.

Success can be the next step after confronting a challenge.

Success may just be around the next corner.

Fight On!


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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