Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem, What Is At The Heart Of True Religion?

by Patrick Liew on July 31, 2018

Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem, What Is At The Heart Of True Religion?

Many believers of three major religions are fighting for their spiritual claims on Jerusalem.

They are driven by different motives, rationales and purposes.

As they battle for their so-called beliefs for many long years, we see unnecessary conflicts, challenges, and even bloodsheds.

Meanwhile, the world looks on with bated breath for fear that these battles may trigger the start of yet another tragic war in that region.

That war may very well snowball to become a bigger conflict that involves other countries.

While those believers are battling each other, many in that region and the rest of the world are suffering from hunger and thirst, and all forms of malnutrition.

Have those believers look after the poor, the needy and the disadvantaged?

More and more people are hungry for deeper meaning, purpose and significance.

What have those believers done to feed hungry hearts and minds and help them find fulfillments in life?

Many people out there are suffering from extreme weathers and natural crises.

They are shivering in cold and crying for help.

What have those believers done to give the suffering the warmth that they need for their physical bodies and for their total being?

Many hearts have also become cold out of loneliness, negligence and abandonment.

Have those believers warm these victims with love, compassion, kindness and graciousness?

Brighten their lives with hope and optimism?

And bring healing to those who are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually sick

In almost every part of the world, many are unjustly imprisoned.

What have those believers done to free those who are suffering and deliver them from oppression?

Fight against social injustice and for fellow humans to have equal and better opportunities?

Support those who have turned over a new leaf to have a better life?

Just as importantly, many are imprisoned mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

These prisons can be more frightening than physical cells with locked doors and strong bars.

What have those believers done to release these prisoners from being entrapped by their past?

Help them recover from pains and sorrows?

And restore them from blockages so that they can start life anew and pursue a better future?

In the process of battling for Jerusalem, have those believers cause many to be hungry, cold, and be imprisoned?

If so, then their faith has been held in vain.

Whatever good they have done for humanity have been negated in eternity.

Perhaps, believers need to ask themselves:

“What is true religion and are they practicing their faith correctly?”


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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