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by Patrick Liew on January 8, 2015

The world is undergoing a rapid sea of change. Whatever brought you success today will not tomorrow.

To survive and succeed in this exciting new world of disorder, you need to commit yourself to a lifelong process of learning, un-learning and re-learning.

You need to reinvent yourself and learn more than your customers, faster than your competitors, and stay ahead of your counterparts in the industry.

Learning is therefore the only true competitive advantage in business and in life.

In the past, you have to go through formal education to learn how to earn a living. Today, you have to constantly educate yourself to make your life count.

Learning has to become a vital, habitual, and integral part of your life if you want to be relevant and useful to the economy and society.

As long as you learn, discipline yourself, and take massive action, you will grow. You’ll improve your  performance and contribution.

The day you stop learning, you start to go through what some would call a half-death.

If you are not improving and growing, you are not living but merely existing. Life is then not worth the living.

Whether you like it or not, a battle cry for the new economy is: Learn or die.

How then should you learn?

All learning begins and ends with self-learning.

Constant improvement starts with a deep desire to learn. If you’re  keen to learn, there are lessons at every given moment of your life.

There are also many teachers waiting to teach you.

Every experience can be a teacher and the world, your classroom. Learning becomes a dynamic 24/7 process.

As you pursue and act on the lessons, it’ll take you to a higher level in life.

However, if you’re not motivated to learn, the best trainers, trainings, and training resources cannot make any difference to your life. You’ll be on the slippery path towards failure.

How can you improve your learning experience and outcomes?

1. Develop a learning environment

You’re the by product of the people you interact with and the environment you live in. Therefore, develop the right relationships and environment so that it will be conducive to learning and improvement.

2. Build learning networks

Build different networks of people who share similar vision, values and aspiration. Make a commitment to inspire and motivate one another to help achieve goals and dreams.

3. Commit to learning programmes

Continue to attend courses, seminars, and conferences. Upgrade yourself and develop the appropriate knowledge and skills to achieve desired results.

4. Learn at every given moment

Be mindful that you can learn from conversations and other experiences. To make it worthwhile, plan to be at the right place to interact with the right people and at the right timing to optimise your learning experience.

5. Model after giants

Seek out wise and successful people and initiate discussions with them so as to tap on their knowledge and experience. This can also be done through forums on the Internet.

By asking the right questions and listening carefully, it can open up a new world of learning and improvement.

As you seek out experts to learn from them, you’ll be inspired
to dwell deeper into their area of expertise and work. It’ll open windows of additional learning opportunities.

6. Reflect on your experiences

Devote adequate time to reflect on your daily activities and learn from them.

8. Learn by training others

Learners are also trainers. Train yourself first and then commit to training others.

The more you train others to be better than you, the more you will learn. When you inspire others to change their life, you’ll be more inspired to change your life too.

7. Be prepared to be corrected

Every learning outcome will be tested again and again in the “examinations of life”. Be disciplined enough to be accountable, take responsibility, and be corrected.

Corrections are feeder – and sometimes rocky – paths to bring you back to the highway of success.

To make it work, be courageous enough to admit your failures and mistakes. Subject yourself to penalties and punishments if necessary.

Just as importantly, be committed  to offer compensation and restitution to resolve the situation. Don’t run away without learning
how to set things right.

In the final analysis, learning is not just about who you have learned from and what you have learned. It is about whether the learning experience has transformed you for good.

A good learning plan should improve every major area of your life and make you a wiser and better person.

The best place and time to start learning is from where you are and right now.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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