Learning For Life

by Patrick Liew on August 16, 2019

Learning For Life

In a fast changing world, there is a limited shelf life to your knowledge and expertise.

If you are not learning, improving, and achieving better results, you will eventually become irrelevant and redundant.

Therefore, make learning an integral and a vital part of your life.

If you are not driven to learn, all the best trainers, trainings and training resources will have no impact on your life.

However, if you are keen to learn, there are lessons at every given moment.

There’s also an infinite number of teachers waiting to teach you in many different ways.

To ensure optimal learning, you need to develop a learning plan.

Determine the gap between current and desired competencies.

Then look at ways to bridge them in an effective and efficient way.

There are many doors to this 24/7 classroom of life.

Please don’t limit yourself to any particular way to get access to the classroom.

Treat your daily life as a classroom to learn and improve.

Ensure that the environment around you is conducive to learning and improvements.

Learn from daily observations, events and experiences.

By doing that, you will be in a better position to achieve your learning goals and outcomes.

Just as importantly, inspire others to learn.

When you are encouraging others to learn, you are also motivating yourself to learn.

The following are some of the other learning pathways.

1. You are very much the result of the people you interact with and the environment you live in.

Therefore, choose your friends carefully, including friends on the Internet.

As they say, if you want to fly with eagles, don’t mix around with turkeys.

2. Make it a point to proactively meet different people who share similar vision, values and lifestyle.

Have a commitment to inspire and motivate one another to achieve dreams and goals.

Share with each other knowledge, information, and ideas.

Help each other develop appropriate skillsets.

Fine tune each other’s plan and line of actions.

And watch over each other on the journey of life.

3. Keep up to date on well-regarded seminars and conferences.

Participate in programmes that will help you achieve your desired results.

4. Seek out great leaders and initiate discussions with them so as to tap on their wealth of knowledge.

This can also be done through various forums on the Internet.

When you learn from experts in their own fields, they will inspire you to do a deeper study of their works and areas of their expertise.

By asking the right questions and listening carefully, it can open a new world of learning and improvement to you.

5. Devote sufficient time to reflect on your daily activities and learn from them.

Be mindful of how you invest your time during the day.

Review the activities to evaluate your performance against the desired results.

Be honest to audit how you have failed and not just how you have succeeded.

Look for ways to improve your strengths and ring fence your weaknesses.

Develop actionable steps to improve the results.

The best time to start learning is now.

The best way to start is to take the first step – sign up for a learning programme that will help you at this point in your life.

As you continue to take more steps, learning will eventually become a habit and a lifestyle.

Question: How can you and your team mates practice lifelong learning and improvements so as to become great leaders?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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