Lesson On Being Vigilant.

by Patrick Liew on February 10, 2014

I would also like to express my disappointment with the Indonesian leaders’ decision to name a warship after two convicted marines. They  bombed MacDonald House on Orchard Road in 1965 and as a result of the inhuman and cowardly attack, they killed three innocent persons and wounded 33 others.

As Singaporeans, we should continue to speak with one united voice to our friends in Indonesia. They should be cognizant of the so-called heroic act behind the McDonald House bombing.

There is no developed nation and civilized people that do not recognized that it is against international law and an evil crime against humanity for heavily armed soldiers to kill harmless civilians.

The Indonesians of all people should know and feel strongly against this heinous act. It was not so long ago that we had stand with and behind them to condemn the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 innocent people. What they proposed to do does not only speak of the leaders’ insensitivity, it is a reflection of their lack of reasonableness and maturity.

The lesson that we can garner from this unfortunate incident is that there are always some leaders out there who take pride in acts of disrespect and even aggression. They may also choose not to value and uphold bilateral relationship regardless of how longstanding and positive it has been.

It highlights the need for us to build a strong total defence. In particular, we need to have a strong economic, military and social defence so that, like a bee, we cannot be disturbed because we have a sting.

Our best response is to build a strong nation that can stand up and fight for justice and progress.


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