Lessons From A Giraffe.

by Patrick Liew on January 22, 2013

I was looking at a giraffe when a question popped into my mind and I immediately voiced it out loud, “How in the world did a giraffe evolve to become such a strange-looking creature?

“With such a long neck, long legs and brown patches all over its body, how can it survive in the jungle?”

The small little man who lived on my ears gave me a wry smirk. He then proceeded to give me a discourse on why I was wrong.

“With a long neck, the giraffe can have a better all-round view of the area. It can also see further down the road.

“It is in a better position to look out for opportunities and is better prepared for any risks and dangers.”

He further added, “Besides, it can enjoy the choicest of pick from a tree. As a herbivore, it can feast on budding leaves which probably taste much better than the other leaves.

“With long legs, it can run faster and with lesser steps. More importantly, it has a powerful kick that can deter many of its enemies.

“Its ability to retain water also ensures that it can survive longer in a drought.

“Maybe, that’s why it can look unique and prominent. By using its strengths, it can compete more effectively than the other livestocks.

“The giraffe can live its own life and pursue its own journey.

“It does not have to compromise its desired lifestyle and behave like the other animals. It can stand out – pardon my pun – from the rest.”

When I re-thought about these words, I realized there were many useful lessons that I could learn from a giraffe. They could be applied to help me live a better life and run my business in a better way.

How many lessons can you learn from a giraffe?

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


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