Lessons From Aquaman

by Patrick Liew on August 16, 2019

Lessons From Aquaman

To me, the story of Orm is the saddest part of the series of Aquaman comics published by DC Comics.

Orm was the King of Atlantis and the younger half-brother of Aquaman.

He was instrumental in coercing various forces in Atlantis to go to war against the surface.

Orm grew up under the shadow of Aquaman.

He was jealous of Aquaman who is more prominent than him, and he also resented the fact that Aquaman had a stronger range of powers as he was partially human.

Orm started from young as a petty criminal.

He grew up to become an astute pirate and enriched himself by attacking ships.

Then he evolved and was able to invoke natural disasters to hold the world at ransom.

Orm went on to cause multiple damages and destructions against both Atlantis and the human world.

As I reflect on the story of Orm, I can’t help thinking that the non-fictional stories we so often love are but a reflection of reality.

We see evil not just in these stories but also throughout the corridor of history and so often in cyberspace too.

Truth be told, nobody is spared from potentially joining the dark side.

The process of crossing over is usually an unintentional and gradual one.

The process normally starts off as a seed of negativity, and it can be planted in the minds of any one us and in an almost innocent way.

Over time, if left unchecked, the negative thought can take full residence in our minds.

The negative thought feeds on our minds bit by bit, until it becomes entrenched in our thought processes.

The entrenched thought may also lead to a train of other mutually-reinforcing negative thoughts.

Together, they can grow in intensity and strength, and they may also have a way of provoking negative emotions.

These negative emotions may in turn contribute to more negative thoughts.

The series of negative thoughts and emotions will build on each other to germinate stronger negative thoughts and emotions.

Eventually, like pests, these negative thoughts and emotions will virtually coexist with their hosts.

Constant responding to negative thoughts and emotions will develop into a form of dependence and eventually, a craving in daily living.

This craving can be fed but it can never be satisfied.

In fact, it can only become hungrier and more intense until it becomes bigger than its host.

This craving needs to be managed with discipline and in a vigorous way and sometimes, with the help of professionals.

Otherwise, it may manifest itself as an unwitting act of misdeed or series of wrongdoings.

Instead of taking full responsibility for a wrong word or action, and putting to right the wrongs that have been committed, many would blame someone else and justify the wrongdoings.

Sweep the wrongdoings under the cobwebs of their minds and believe that negativity will lie there – dormant and benign.

Negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors can open a door for evil to take over.

Eventually, they can grow to become a seemingly uncontrollable demon that will unleash a reign of dissatisfaction, unhappiness and even hatred.

You may choose to believe that the process of growth from a simple negative thought to an ever-raging demon sounds too dramatic or unreal.

Just remember every failure starts as a series of small errors and eventually, these errors snowball to become a failure or even a catastrophe.

If humanity has learned from these failures or catastrophe, then history would not have to repeat itself.

Acts of evil would not have to happen again and again, and there’s no telling these acts will not happen again.

The good news is that evil can be stopped on its track.

Like a good fairy tale, every human story can have a “he lived happily ever after” ending.

If you’ve watched the latest movie about Aquaman, you would know that in a moment of discovery and decision, Orm was filled with remorse and regret.

My take from this poignant moment is that one of the strongest forces for good or for evil may be within you.

Therefore, the battle for ultimate victory starts and ends as an internal journey.

Prevent yourself from going down the same path as Orm by filling all your senses with positive thoughts.

Leave no room for negative thoughts to enter your mind and heart.

If the negative thought is entrenched within you, you can uproot the negative thought by constant positive self-talk.

Convince yourself that the negative belief or thought will only eventually lead you to a slippery path of destruction.

Just as in the movie, you may need a stronger and bigger force to stand with you, behind you, and support you to become a better person, and fulfill a higher calling and for a more worthy cause.

May you continue to fight on with the help of our Creator who is leading the battle of good against evil.

May His Force be with you.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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