Life is Short?

by Patrick Liew on April 2, 2014

Life is not short. It may seem to be so but the truth is we waste a lot of our time.

We also let the remaining time pass too quickly by not being mindful of it.

There are some people who choose to squander time in meaningless pursuits.

Some go from one pursuit to another. They never stick to any one of them long enough to find a worthwhile purpose and fulfillment.

There are some who float through time waiting for significance to grab them. They hope it will carry them on the journey of life.

Yet, there are some who live to help fulfill another person’s dream. They do it in exchange for the security of a job and money.

At the end of life, they can subtract their years of living with time spent on careless living, mindless tasks, unhealthy relationships, and meaningless pleasures.

The remainder is further subtracted by time occupied as a result of illness that are self-inflicted. These illness can result from time spent on negative emotions and unhealthy living.

Looking at the top line, they may find it hard to calculate how much time is spent on pursuing worthy dream and goals. How much time is spent on personal development, especially on fostering spiritual maturity and providing service to others.

The bottom line is that life fleeted away while they were living life. And they wonder where has time gone to.

It is tragic that many live as if they will live forever. They are not mindful about how time is wasted day by day.

They somehow think that the Great Reaper will always give them a miss throughout their life.

They plan to do many things but only at a later date. They postpone till another day what they need to do right now.

By doing that, they have broken the Golden Rule, Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you.

The “today’s them” have not been fair to the “tomorrow’s them.”

They waited till time is no more. Then, they may say some of the most tragic words beginning with, “If only I had…”

The good news is, life is long enough. There are more than enough time to fulfill the greatest of dreams.

The best of life begins from right now.


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