Living A FUNtastic Life (Part 31)

by Patrick Liew on September 12, 2011

I believe in celebrations.

I find reasons to celebrate every achievement.

I love celebrations.

I believe that there are many people in the world who are not kind to themselves.

There are others who suffer from false modesty. They hardly celebrate any achievements.

I believe we should love ourselves and do everything we can to develop a healthy self-esteem.

If we do something good, we should pat ourselves on the back, compliment and affirm ourselves.

We should be proud of our achievements and celebrate them with our loved ones and good friends. They can motivate and encourage us to attain a higher level of achievement.

In the same vein, we should extend the same spirit of celebration to our family members and friends.

Joy that is shared will increase.

On the other hand, sorrow that is shared will be decreased.

In my company, we endeavour to celebrate when an individual or a team achieve good results.

We train and encourage our people to build up what we call a ‘Tee Up’ Culture. We aim to do everything we can for each other so that we can be motivated to do better in life.

It can come in the form of words, thoughts, or actions.

A pat in the back, a small gift, a fun-filled party, a public recognition, a note of compliment and appreciation…

We want to celebrate each other’s pride and joy. And share it privately and publicly with others.

We will do it sincerely, generously and constantly. And enjoy the celebrations to the fullest.

We have a Hall of Fame where we publicly acknowledge our achievers. We are also arguably the first in the industry to recognize our top performers on a real-time basis using public display systems.

We take up one of the largest full-coloured advertisements in The Straits Times to congratulate our top producers. We also give them beautiful trophies and certificates of recognitions so that they can proudly display them.

Celebrations help us treasure our lives and make full use of every moment. It also draws us closer to one other and build a stronger teamwork.

Celebrations can help to improve our overall well-being. It inspires us to put in more effort to improve our results.

It can make us a happier person.

Celebrations are part and parcel of a FUNtastic life.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


Question: How can we celebrate each other’s achievements?


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