Living A FUNtastic Life (Part 51)

by Patrick Liew on December 19, 2011

Living a funtastic life is an adopted discipline and cultivated habit.

Recently, I discovered I am a creature of habits. I have chosen – consciously and unconsciously – to live by regular rituals and routines.

For example, when I wake up in the morning, I will put on some eye drops to clear my eyes and drink two glasses of water.

It got me thinking, if I can turn positive thoughts, words and behaviour into a habit – how much more funtastic my life will become.

I can think positively, eat healthily, speak effectively and live successfully. I will live a meaningful, exciting and fulfilling life.

How are habits formed?

First, habits start with a choice. When I make a decision, it’s like putting on a new mind, to do something I have never done before.

Secondly, to do that, I must be very clear about and dedicated to my motives and end-results. The more motivated I am, the more committed I am to turn the behavior into a habit.

Thirdly, I must transform the motivation into a commitment. A choice is a mental shift while commitment involves my whole being.

Making commitment is not a one-time affair. I need to re-commit to my goal on a regular basis.  Over time, the commitment and effort to live it out becomes an integral part of my being.

Fourthly, I have to unlearn, learn and re-learn how to program my behavior into my life. I must learn how to live it out well and long enough to turn it into a habit.

Fifthly, I must put in the necessary sacrifices to move out of my comfort zone, to plod on doubtful territory until I can pave a way through fruitful territory. I need to discipline myself to focus on my vision and goals and put in my best effort to turn it into a reality.

Habits can only be formed through regular rehearsals and repetitions. Every time I take action, I create a link between my behavior and the situation in which it occurs.

I form a neural pathway in my mind which will make the action easier to carry out. Over time, it becomes a natural part of me.

Sixthly, the more passionate I am about achieving my goals and enjoying the process, the stronger will be my resolve to create a real and lasting habit.

Last but not the least, I need to develop the environment to support my quest. I need to surround myself with supportive and influential people. I have to position myself in the right situation so that I can foster and entrench healthy habits.

Forming a positive habit is a lifelong commitment and effort. Once the habit is formed, I cannot afford to be complacent. There is a need to improve so that my habits become an unconscious competence.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


Think: How can I make positivity a lifelong habit?



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