Living In The Past, Present, And Future (Part 1)

by Patrick Liew on September 25, 2011

It was one moment that will always be etched in my mind.

A large boardroom. Lots of files and documents on the table.

Around the table were some of the smartest professionals in the business world.

There was total silence. All eyes were on me.

We had put in more than 12 months of hard work to prepare for our company’s listing on Singapore Exchange.

All the grounds have been covered. Changes and improvements were made.

There was nothing else – at least in our minds – that needed to be done. We had filed our application to Singapore Exchange.

We were waiting for the ‘Committee’ of SGX-ST to deliberate over our application. We had expected them to give us the final approval.

I had planned to take a holiday break the next day. I needed to release the stress and strains that have been accumulated for a long time.

I wanted to recharge myself. I aimed to come back and create the best future for my company and myself.

Our banker stepped into the room with a surprising announcement.

“The ‘Committee’ cannot come to a decision. They will review it again tomorrow.”

If hearts falling to the ground can be heard, there would be a loud thud.

After a moment of uncomfortable silence, I told everybody, “Let’s go home. We have had a very long day. There’s nothing much we can do right now.”

That evening, I spent the time going through my life.

I started to review myself, “Did I do something wrong?”

“Is there something about me that has caused the delay or worst, rejection?”

I searched my heart and went through almost every area of my life.

My past floated through my mind.

I also thought about my present and future.

In case you need to know, my worries were unnecessary. On the very next day, almost right from the start of the working day, we were told that our company could be publicly-listed on SGX-ST.

When I reflected on this and other similar experiences, I became more enlightened about life.

Life is about capitalizing on the passage of time. It should be a beautiful symphony composed by the meaning of the past, magic and mindfulness of the presence, and masterpiece of the future.

Our Creator crafted time so that I can bury my broken dreams and learn from them. I can make full use of the present and build on it.

It’s never too late to restart my life to become the person I should become and create the future that I deserve.

Everything that has happened in the past is preparing me for the present. I can always redesign my life to create a worthwhile future.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


Question: How can we leverage on the past to create a worthwhile future?







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